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Back to the Pot - and Oatmeal

Monday, October 07, 2019


This post took a lot longer to come together than I expected. I've neglected writing anything for a while but, tonight, as I was preparing breakfast for the week, I figured I could write about one of my favorite weekday morning breakfasts - oatmeal. Steel cut oatmeal, to be precise.

If you're reading this, it's because you're already committed to living a healthier lifestyle and a big part of that is eating healthy. So no need to extol the virtues of oatmeal in a healthy breakfast.

But I will say this - although both steel cut oats and rolled oats are nutritionally equivalent, I prefer the chewiness and flavor of steel cut oats.

And that presented a problem for me - on the stove, steel cut oats can take 20-30 minutes to cook, once the pot comes to temp. Plus, stove top cooking is messy and any of the oats that cling to the side of the pot can dry out and be really hard to get off when cleaning.

So I turn to my trusty Instant Pot for rescue. It cuts the overall cooking time down, I can walk away and do something else while it's cooking, and clean up - because it's all in a sealed environment - is much easier.

Cooked steel cut oats hold up beautifully in the fridge, allowing me to make a double batch so that four of the five breakfasts in a week for both my wife and I are already made.

Here's how:

* 2 cups steel cut oats (non the quick-cooking type)
* 6 cups water
* 2 teaspoons of vanilla
* 3 cinnamon sticks
* salt to taste

(I under-season my food in the Instant Pot because it's easier to add more salt when I eat it than to deal with accidentally adding too much)

Dump it all in the Instant Pot and set it to high pressure for 6 minutes:

Then, after the 6 minutes, let the pressure naturally release. Open the lid, give it a quick stir and remove the cinnamon sticks, and then put 1 cup portions into containers.

This will make eight servings:

Put it in the fridge and, when you're ready, microwave for 60 seconds or so. Top with your favorite ingredients and enjoy.


So why write about this? One of the things I've discovered about getting back to health is that it's incredibly easy to claim there's not enough time to prep your meals. One of the things I really enjoy about my electric pressure cooker is that I can do other things/tasks while it cooks.

One of my health issues is high cholesterol and oatmeal is helping a lot to not only keep it in check but to actually lower the "bad" cholesterol and raise the "good".

It's one of the tools that's letting me pre-make several meals with relative ease and the simpler the steps on this journey are, the more likely I am (or any of us are) to keep at it.

So if you have an IP, try steel cut oats - you'll be happy you did.
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