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Monday, January 13, 2020

This is my MOTTO, how I start my day off ,
Once at a different time, 10 years ago I could hardly breath. Never knew if I would survive the day.
My weight had spiraled out of control. I was flirting with 350lbs scale stopped at 300 and I thought I was a little over. Made a doctor appointment for 6 weeks out and went on a diet to lose at least 15 pounds..
I couldn't breath, couldn't sit in regular chairs, they would creak and afraid break. No booths stomach too large. I couldn't walk without walked, both knees gone. Couldn't bend over to tie or fasten shoes, so wore ugly black slip-on's with everything. Of course as long as my clothes had XXXX they were something I would buy.
Made an appointment 6 weeks out to lose weight and get below 300 before seeing doctor. Otherwise he would be so disappointed in me. He had tried to get me to lose for some time.
Here's the official photo that day. 335Lbs.

The doctor wanted to know would I try to lose if I got into a weight loss doctor approved weight loss program. As an out patient. I cried and said YES. He told me if I didn't lose I would have maybe 2 years to live. I was only 68.
First all kind of tests were done. I was strong enough. The program was approved by my insurance. My doctor said it was life or death and I got in. Was to start Jan. 3, 2010.
Here I am on Xmas eve 2009. Wearing my black to look thinner.

The first six months of program were intense, All my regular food was out. I had a dietitian, a therapist, 24/7 on call for help and support. Was checked daily. I drove back and forth 45 miles a day to doctors.
Lived on 900 calories a day. Protein diet, no starchy carbs, Fruit and veggi's, No sodas, WATER, lots of water. After six months other foods added. In a year eating most foods. Small portions. Live by the 2,3 bite rule.
By November 2010 here I am at 235 lbs. Attending a birthday part, Ditched the walked used a cane. Still had bad knees. I even bought a 18/20 new outfit.

I continued to lose and on Feb. 2011 replace the left knee. The right one was done in Sept. 2011.
The excerise during all this time was water aerobics. That way my joints could handle the workout. Gradually I added the different machines and I spent 4 hr's , five days a week at the gym. For one year I also attended Zumba three days a week. My nickname had become , GYM RAT.

The first time hitting the pool in a swimsuit at 300lbs was hard. Too hard, I left and didn't want to be there, Although there were others larger than me. Then I read a blog from Indy and she talked about putting on a swim suit and she encouraged me to not give up. If Beth(Indy) could do it so could I. That's how we here at Spark help others.
Here I am less than a years later , new suit, looking pretty hot for near 70.

I bundled up with my little Yorkie, Titan, he was my buddy and we walked miles. I lived in Salem, Or. at the time and it gets cool, wet, but we still went out. He was the best. Unfortunately I had to say good bye to him on Oct. 13, 2018 he was jus a few weeks shy of 14. I still miss him.
He was also there thru my 2016 breast cancer , my radiation and was my support on bad
days. .
The years passed, I had some ups and downs. Grew tired of so many hours of exercise, so with my dietitian we worked on a different food plan and exercise routine. I was eating about 1100 to 1250 calories a day. That amount is my present daily calorie count.
In 2017 after years of the cool wet Winters I grew tired of it, joints hurt. I made arrangements to move to Miami Beach Fl.
I got rid of almost everything I possessed and packed my van with a few clothes, TV Printer, PC and jewelry supplies, I design jewelry and sell in a little shop on Etsy.
4000 miles and 6 days later I arrived here in Miami Beach. Had lived here before so know the area, have friends, Found a cute little studio and set about to enjoy my new found fit healthy life.
I had my 78th birthday on Dec. 19th and I'm more fit now than 25 years ago for sure.
I do yoga on the beach. Walk daily, swim and do aerobics in the pool her at my place.
Life is good. Here's some of the more recent shots.

The journey for me continues for the rest of my life.
I track food, exercise daily. I like the interaction that I get from friends here on Spark.
One thing I found during these years, was you have to make your own way. It doesn't work to copy someone else completely. We are all different. Use the general idea, plan, but make it yours. We all gain and lose at different ways.
What one can do maybe someone else can't . But they can do something else. Make your plan yours.
My hope is everyone who embarks on a weight loss program will find the success they seek.
Happiness is health. Fitness Lets make that our life time goal.
I hope if I can inspire anyone to keep on working or realize even at 68 it's never too late to start. Age is just a number.
So Spark on and make this year 2020 the best.

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