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Corona Virus

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Like so many, I am deeply upset about COVID-19. I apologize in advance if anything sounds like I am coming across like a selfish baby. I know that others have it much worse than I do. Nobody in my household has the virus (at least not yet). I have been working from home since September, so at least short term, there is no financial impact. Most of the school districts near me (including my own) have closed school for at least two weeks, but that doesn't directly affect me since my children are grown.

But in spite of that, I am affected (again, I am sorry if I come across as selfish and offend anyone). The biggest bummer at the moment is that I was supposed to see Elton John in concert on April 11. I am 99.99% sure that the concert is cancelled. The mayor of NYC (where the concert is supposed to take place) has banned all gatherings of 250+ people. Broadway is closed until April 13. I have not heard officially that the concert is cancelled, but unless they decide to reopen the venue early, it obviously is. I just hope that it is rescheduled. I am very disappointed though it certainly is nobody's fault, and the decision to close large venues is a responsible one.

Last Sunday I decided to buy an extra case of toilet paper. I went to Costco, and they didn't have any. Actually, Costco seemed to be pretty much out of a lot of things. I went back the next day and did manage to get a case. There was a limit of two, but I only bought one, as I already have some on hand, and I am hoping that the shortage will be short-lived. I only got it because I am paranoid about running out of toilet paper, and it is obvious that other people's actions are creating a shortage. I am going to have to come to grips with the fact that we need to stockpile some food in the house. And I am dreading it. We've tended to be day-to-day with our food shopping, and that just won't fly anymore, especially if stores continue to be so crowded and it takes very long to check out. If tomorrow doesn't work out, I intend to go to the store early Monday morning, when hopefully things are restocked and not yet wiped out.

My son has been coaching college basketball (junior college and NAIA) for several years. Last year, his boss (the head coach) was fired at the end of the season, which meant he was, too. That's generally the way it goes. He came home from Florida to NJ. He was not able to get another job for a bunch of reasons. Apparently his old boss did not have a good reputation. In any case, he took a volunteer position with a local high school (a very prestigious program). For a non-paying position, it actually worked out very well. He just loves the head coach. It is possible that the coach is going to be offered a college coaching position soon and has asked David to come with him. Not as an assistant coach (which would be the best option) but as a special assistant, which would still be great. If not, I think the high school is going to offer him a teaching position so he can stay with the program and make some money. But he went out to Las Vegas on Wednesday to follow some of the college basketball tournaments and hopefully make some connections (which was a real possibility). But alas, the whole NCAA March Madness has been cancelled. So he came home yesterday, three days early. What a waste!!

My husband's 70th birthday is on March 27. In September we were invited to a surprise 75th birthday party for his cousin, and my daughter got the idea to have a surprise party for him. For a variety of reasons it would have been extremely hard. Instead, we celebrated two weeks ago at a restaurant where it is virtually impossible to get reservations (but I managed to get one). He made it very clear that this was what he wanted, so when I managed to get the reservation, I took it. I invited his brother and sister, which I normally wouldn't do, in addition to our kids. Everything worked out great. As it now turns out, the reasons why it would have been hard to have a party no longer exist (they are all related to sports which have been cancelled, including the NCAA tournament). However, with COVID-19, it is possible that if I had actually planned a party in a restaurant that it would have been cancelled by either the restaurant or by law (so far not the case but who knows what will happen in the next week or two) and that some of the invitees would have decided not to come. We are anticipating a more significant family celebration in June, but again, who knows if it will take place.

Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of my mother's death, right after her 90th birthday. She was living in a senior independent living facility. They served dinner every weeknight, and the residents were strongly discouraged from skipping the meal or taking it in their apartment unless they were ill. I wonder if they are doing it now and if they are allowing visitors. I think I would have been able to see her because she could have met us outside the building, and I could have brought her over to my house or taken her out for dinner, but who knows.

I can probably think of a few more examples. I have only been to the gym once this week because of my busy schedule, but I am getting a little nervous about going there. They closed the library in town along with the schools, and I maybe I could use a good book at this point.

It's the new normal, and I don't like it. At least today we went down to the shore for a couple of hours and walked around, which was nice. We almost didn't go because it was very breezy this morning, and I was afraid it might be cold. Who knows if it will be possible to do this again anytime soon. Last week I never would have imagined that the NCAA tournament would be cancelled and that the spring sports seasons are in jeopardy. The latter will create definite financial impact if it happens because my husband and son both officiate high school girls' lacrosse, which normally keeps them very busy and is quite lucrative. My husband is the treasurer of his local officials' chapter. Today the chapter president planted the possibility that they have collected a lot of dues money from the other officials and will likely have to refund much of it if the season is cancelled. Since there is no precedent, they are not sure how it will be handled.

Again, I apologize because I know that others have it worse. But I just need to vent.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have been on my mind during the pandemic and I've been praying for the health and safety of your family.
    371 days ago
    Love reading your story.
    375 days ago
  • 10XPERLB
    502 days ago
    It's OK to be angry and sad! Love you!
    502 days ago
    Leslie, you have every right to vent. It's crazy right now and it's getting worse on a daily, or less, basis. I only hope it unites us as we strive to get through this situation.
    503 days ago
    503 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Do not apologize. I think we are all feeling this way. I have been going to my gym steadily for 3 years. I quit going this past Monday. I cannot take a chance of the illness. Hubby got out of the hospital last month, after a second pulmonary embolism. Neither of us needs to be exposed to the Coronavirus. I do have a sinus infection, that is bad enough. Let's keep encouraging one another in our community. We will get through this. emoticon
    503 days ago

    Venting is good..
    Sorry your world is being impacted by "THE VIRUS".

    We will all be in the same or similar boat ..
    and praying that it doesn't leak too badly.

    may we all be proud of how we handle this "trauma" to our lives.

    503 days ago
    Lesley, this is definitely unchartered waters. We have a lot on hand but did run out for a few things yesterday. It wasn't bad but they are still out of a lot.
    My company sent us all home for 2 weeks, which is fine because I am mostly wfh. Hubby's company hasn't decided yet but is getting ready for it.
    I don't like the idea of being trapped in the house but we need to do this to break the trend. Hopefully your concert will be rescheduled or if the worse is over by then, it will go on. Elton John is old so he has to be extra careful.
    Getting out in the fresh air is always a good idea. I hope to do that today.
    Take it slow emoticon
    503 days ago
  • HICIM705
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am taking one day at a time and hoping that we can still have DD's shower (a week from today and with COVID19, you know that a week can seem like an eternity). I'm hoping that DD's wedding goes off without a hitch, I'm hoping and I'm hopeful (so far).

    I guess that everyone needs to have an 'alternate plan' at this point. I'm actually thankful for this community - as more and more of us are required to 'stay home' (sick or not), at least there are plenty of 'virtual friends' here that we can all lean on and can lean on us.

    Reach out, friend - if you ever want to chat. emoticon

    503 days ago
    503 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15245502
    emoticon We are having a rough go too. All I can do is take it a moment at a time. emoticon
    504 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6913562
    504 days ago
    We all need to vent my dear. Here in Oregon things are not quite so bad yet. The stores are bare, toilet paper being the first thing to go. We only have around 40 confirmed cases and no deaths yet.

    In Washington State things are not so good. King County, where my Daddy and Mom live is being hammered. They currently have almost 400 confirmed cases and 35 deaths. No gatherings of over 10 people at a time. Schools, Curches, Business are all closed or cancelled until further notice, schools through at least April 24th. They are urging anyone over 60 to stay at home and to go no where. Kirkland is being called the epicenter since there was one nursing home that had over 25 deaths there. In Snohomish County, where one of my sisters live, they have almost 200 cases with 4 deaths. My sister herself is under doctor ordered self isolation, they tested for the flu and did some x-rays to check for her asthma acting up, neither was the case. They are out of the tests so they have not tested her for the virus, she has a follow up appointment on Monday so hopefully we will here some good news from her.

    Things are crazy out there so everyone please stay safe.

    Hugs to you my dear sweet friend.
    504 days ago
    Bless you
    504 days ago
    You go right ahead and vent. It isn't good for us to bottle up our feelings. The times are trying and most definitely not normal. I want normal back, myself. I don't like going to the store and see bare shelves. I want my library to reopen and my book club meeting to be back on the schedule. I don't ski, but all the ski resorts have been closed and there is plenty of snow this year. I want this virus to go back where it came from and leave us alone.
    504 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    504 days ago
    Joni, you sure do, we ALL do have the right to vent. It's GOOD to get it out there. Though your situation isn't that bad (at the moment) it's STILL YOUR Situation and you absolutely have every right to feel the way you do. If anyone says otherwise, well they are WRONG.

    I'm out of work and have been since Friday (foster grandmother in Portland ME) the school system is now closed til the end of March (we'll see after that), but I am so fortunate myself in that I DO get paid still. PHEW!!!

    So my own situation (at the moment) isn't bad either, though all the social things I do have been closed/cancelled. But, still I DO absolutely feel the stress. It's GOOD /HEALTHY to say so. To hold it in, would only cause issues later on. Of course I am looking at the "What CAN I do instead thing" cause LOL U know me. Deep cleaning, organizing, painting, reading. Calling friends who are older. I live in a 55+ community,, we are watching out for each other. That's a PLUS/PLUS at the moment. Not having to worry about $$$ or health insurance,, a HUGE plus plus.
    504 days ago
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