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I don't understand the resistance to wearing a mask

Saturday, July 18, 2020

When someone (famous or not) suggests that vitamin whatever can possibly prevent (pick a disease) sometime in the future, that supplement will fly off the shelves. Even food that is touted as a disease preventative sells well, otherwise why would anyone eat kale? But a mask, which WILL help prevent a disease RIGHT NOW, is controversial. A mask can't have a negative interaction with anything (except maybe earrings), they are cheap and readily available.

The likelihood of dying from covid is very small, true, but who wants to be that sick? Who wants to take care of someone that sick? Why take the chance when a cheap mask can prevent it. That's 3 layers of fabric in front of my face, 3 layers in front of yours, and a few feet between us. Then I can wash my hands and go about my business. The virus isn't like fleas where one stray bug landing on your shirt will make you sick. It has to get to your face.

Until maybe 150 years ago, people thought disease came through the air. They wore lots of clothing all the time (usually the same clothing), even to bed, never bathed so as to prevent exposing their skin to the contagion of air. They didn't know any better, that's what the science of the time told them. It sounds wretched. We have soap and hot water now, bathing feels good. But masks don't, is that the problem? They feel weird?

It's not as easy as a pill, but not that much harder.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well said. It is now four months later, and people still aren’t getting the message. Stay safe.
    261 days ago
    I wonder why can't it be mandatory across this whole country? There should be TV add that says
    No Shirt
    No Shoes
    No Mask
    No Service
    If we as a nation would work together we could get this Covid under control. We need to all get on board.
    We need leaders to make sure they are listening to the scientist and not spread false information. We could save lives, have kids safely go to school, and improve the economy. This doesn't seem like rocket science.
    Why do people think they are giving up there rights? Government has us wear seat belts to protect ourselves and save lives. What is the difference? I don't get it. emoticon
    359 days ago
  • no profile photo CD26054030
    emoticon emoticon
    359 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    I agree with you and can't understand it either as my girl says some people say is harder to breathe wearing a mask but on a ventilator with Covid breathing could be much harder so we need to 'get on with it'. emoticon emoticon
    360 days ago
    Maybe humans aren't the smartest people on earth after all. As for me, I'm watching my W's...wash hands. wear mask and watch distancing. emoticon
    372 days ago
    Just a confused old woman cant understand why this dislike of using masks. All the best to all. Stay healthy, safe & well.
    373 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    With you 100% oaths. Here is NY where almost everyone wears a mask (and around here maintains strict social distancing) we've brought COVID down, down, down! And it is easier than a don't even need water; just put it on to protect you and me.

    Thanks for this blog.
    373 days ago
    Trump supporters like to do as he does. Throwing a tantrum is so Trump and he did say many times that he could kill someone without any trouble!
    373 days ago
    373 days ago
  • JUDY1676
    Well said! Wearing a mask is a cheap insurance policy!
    373 days ago
    I do not resist wearing a mask, but it is going to really cut down on my shopping. I am a mouth breather so when I am wearing a mask, it cuts the oxygen in my body and I get tired really easy. We had to go so many places today as we had appointments. I was in a mask whenever I got out of the ar. When I was outdoors, i dropped the mask to breath. Last stop for me was Sam's. After 30 minutes in there I was sweating and having a really hard time to breath. When we got outside, Hubby had we lean against a pillar while we went and got the car. He asked the policeman there to stay with me until he got the car. He wanted to get me rescue, but Hubby told me it was normal for me when I had to wear a mask for an extended amount of time. The policeman suggested I get an exception letter from my doctor.
    373 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    373 days ago
    I've observed the same as TZAPP22 & AJDOVER1.

    And, I hear you Nell. I do. Something so powerful; yet, so simple: a mask. Easy.
    373 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    This is not going away for a very long time and as long as people keep getting sick we will have to wear masks and stay isolated. Common sense would say to wear the mask now and then we can get on with our lives.
    373 days ago
    I'm getting concerned about the violence of those who refuse to comply. Locally we've gone from screaming tantrums to stabbings and even shootings. I never imagined such rage in seemingly "normal" people.

    373 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    373 days ago
    373 days ago

    I totally agree with you! Unfortunately, the rules are not consistent across the UK, but currently in England it is mandatory to wear a mask in shops, which I totally support. I am hoping it comes to Northern Ireland too before too long. I personally have been in a shop once in the last 4 months but if masks were required, I would be more likely to go to shops regularly.

    Here's hoping people come to their senses before it's too late!
    373 days ago
    I don’t understand the resistance either. I particularly don’t see how it became a political divide issue. It is a disease prevention measure.
    373 days ago
  • TZAPP22
    Some people just do not want to be told what to do period.. even if it is good for them.
    373 days ago
    I don't understand the resistance either. Such a simple preventive measure. It's not a political issue, but it it such an important health issue.
    373 days ago
    I agree, it is so simple to do.
    373 days ago
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