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A perfect day

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Today was absolutely the best day I've had in months! The weather was just exactly how I like it - on the cooler side, partly sunny with a nice breeze. I had to close a few windows because of the chill.

I started the day with a longer walk with my little Daisy. She is always happy to walk with me and she even made a friend today - a woman we've been seeing on some mornings. Daisy loves making new friends and having people tell her how cute she is! This is her hanging out with me after one of our walks.

After breakfast, showers and a bit of reading, my husband, Daisy and I went out to work on a project. The most important piece of this is that my husband voluntarily came out with me to help. For the entire summer I've been grumbling, mostly to myself but occasionally to him, that it's just too much yard to take care of by myself. I have a large vegetable garden, a large annual/perennial garden, a small herb garden, the kitty memorial garden in the back corner, and a strip of hostas and other flowers that separates my yard from my neighbor's.

And about my neighbor - so I've been feeling a lot like she's watching everything we do outside. Whenever I go out to do something, she seems to need to water her grass, sweep her deck, water her planters, or just pick weeds out of her grass. I wasn't imagining things. On Friday I started working behind our shed. It's an area where we've brought plants, branches, where the leaves get blown each fall and where the grass is dumped after each mowing. We have a lot of cut wood between the pine trees which apparently belong to my neighbor so I've been trying to clean that up. Some of the wood dates back to the straight line wind storm of 1983. I was a mom of 5 children under 9 so I didn't have anything to do with the wood being stacked between those trees.

I have dislodged all the wood between two of the trees and was digging out the wood that was stuck in the dirt. Then I wanted to dig up that composted dirt to put around my big tree who's roots are sticking up above the ground. After about 40 minutes my back was hurting too much for me to continue so I left the holes because I wasn't done. After dinner I was looking out my window and there was my neighbor stomping around on the area I had been trying to get the dirt from. She hadn't worked in the back of her yard for weeks - it has pretty much become woods. But that particular day she went back there to work and was mad because I didn't finish. Well, we had words and apparently she thinks my husband was trying to run her over with the riding lawn mower. Gone is all the really nice things he has done for her since he moved in - now he's a lawn mower maniac?????

But it was good that it happened. On Saturday morning after I had been working for about 30 minutes, he came out and started helping. That man can do 3 times what I can do in the same period of time. So today we just went out together and have a date for tomorrow morning. My big tree looks so nice with fresh dirt around it's base - probably about 10 wheel barrow loads worth so far. And we've barely touched the surface of all the composted dirt there is back there.

Well, Daisy just came in with her Underdog toy - that's a sign that it's time to play so she can have a treat and go to bed. I went out a second time today to do some more weeding around the tree and again tonight to water everything. I was able to do some reading and we had breakfast for dinner, one of my favorites.

I hope you all had a really great day too. I'm going to leave you with this photo my daughter sent me - little Jake watching baby Roman in the fancy pool.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like your neighbor is one unhappy lady.

    Your hard work will make things look so nice, and wonderful when you get help. I really enjoyed your blog. My husband and I do a lot of yard work. I love Daisy. They bring so much joy to our lives. Picture of your grandchildren are so precious. It brought a smile to my face.
    268 days ago
    That photo is so precious of the grandkids! The one of Daisy is precious too! Your neighbor and one of mine should get together. There's always that crazy neighbor.Glad your husband is helping!
    286 days ago
    Your babies are totally adorable and that is a FANCY pool. Your neighbor sounds like a very unhappy person. I'm glad you had help with the yard work and had a good day. emoticon
    317 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your adorable pictures.
    Not on the cooler side here.
    Glad you and your husband are getting some yard work done.
    Yard work really is never ending.
    317 days ago
    Is the lady alone in her home? Sometimes being alone and lonely changes people, and not in a positive way. For seniors loneliness is particularly erosive.
    318 days ago
    Awesome pictures of Daisy and your grandkids!!! This makes up for all those moments of aggravation that your neighbor wants to throw at you. People forget the goodness and kindness that is bestowed upon them in their moments of need. Just know that your kindness does not go unnoticed. You do it for the glory of God. I am glad you had a good day - continue to enjoy!! Good job that your DH was helpful too!!
    319 days ago
    your dog is cute sorry about your stalker neighbor Hugs
    319 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    We are also on the cooler side today, with a threat of rain later on in the afternoon. I know how it is when your neighbors cause you problems. On the one side of me I have a young single mother with 3 kids all under the age of 7. Her kids are wild and when they are out side they scream at the top of their lungs. Mom has no control of these kids. Also these kids have every known toy possible. The yard looks like trash because the kids drag out all of the toys that they don't play on. The also have 2 large dogs that bark and one is so big that he can just hop over the fence anytime he wants. She has to keep him on a leash which he drags her around the yard. They will be moving out soon as the owner of the house is supposedly going to sell the house this winter. Don't know why he would wait until then.

    On the other side of us is also new neighbors. They are pretty decent, but they are late night people. It is two single guys that live there. They have people come over late at night and so far every weekend has been gathering of friends. I think once the newness of having a house wears off this will settle down, but for now it's party time. Only thing I can say is that they are keeping the property up much better than the previous owners. At least they cut their grass weekly. They do have a pit bull that is aggressive, so that's a worry in the back of my mind.

    I truly hope your neighbor settles down and minds her own business. Maybe it's time to put up a privacy fence.
    320 days ago
    A little cooler here also, and I love it. Neighbors can make life miserable, glad our closest is a half mile away. The advantage of living in the country.
    320 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14575754
    We're getting somewhat cooler days here, after that big thunderstorm yesterday. I want to say that Daisy is a beauty... such a lovely companion to have. Glad hubby helped out... it's the real reason why we had to sell. Too much yard-work for old backs. emoticon emoticon
    320 days ago
    That's horrible about your neighbor. That is crazy how she just changed how she was. Sometimes this quarantine changes people and not for the better.

    Daisy looks so precious and relaxed.
    320 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    It must be awful to live next door to someone like that. Glad your hubby helped you out today. It sounds like it was a lot of work. Daisy is so sweet and so those grandkids.
    320 days ago
    Great pictures of Daisy and the grands! Your neighbor is creepy... I hope your husband will stop doing things for her. She doesn’t deserve your kindness ... Watch out for your back and bad knee with all this yard work!
    320 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Daisy is a cutie.
    320 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Daisy is a cities and so are the grandkids
    320 days ago
    So good to hear from you and Daisy. Eh, forget your neighbor; it'll be hard to do but don't wear yourself out over her.
    Glad your husband came out to help. Look how much work was finished. Won't take you two long to whip that yard into shape!
    320 days ago
    Wonder what has caused the change in your neighbor? She will certainly miss all the nice things your DH has done for her in the past. Her loss! It was nice of DH to give you a helping hand.

    Jake is getting so big. I know...he's supposed to. emoticon That's quite a pool.

    Nice to see another post from you. They are always a treat. Stay safe. Be well. emoticon emoticon
    320 days ago
    Daisy is beautiful! Please give her a hug from me.
    320 days ago
    Everyone has one strange neighbor. One of ours spent a summer only putting gas in their car from a little 1 gallon can. Every few days there they would be with the can adding it to their tank!

    320 days ago
    320 days ago
    The picture is so cute! ....As for your neighbot, all I can say is sheesh!! emoticon She Sounds very strange but I am wondering if she has a bit of dementia or something? This is not normal behavior! ... I hope you have a great week! ...💓..
    320 days ago
    Yeah, your neighbor sounds a little liek a stalker! That would creep me out!

    HOPE you have a good Monday.

    320 days ago
    I love how Daisy sleeps on the fireplace like that

    glad you glad a great day.
    320 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    320 days ago
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