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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday, August 30th

Well I signed the lease to my room on Aug 17; started cleaning on the 19th; and weighed in for the first time on August 20. Now it's ten days later and I'm happy to report I've lost weight.

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2020Aug30 302

I still want to do keto, the more I learn about it. But am also cautious and learning more before diving in. So what's amazing to me is, I'm still losing anyway. I'll have some success with some keto meals. But then I ate at Golden Corral one day with friends; last night I ate a bowlful of small-medium size red potatoes with butter, cheese, & seasonings. And I'm still losing as of this morning.

I used to sleep sitting up, so my legs were very swollen. They've gone down dramatically since renting the room. So I kept telling myself not to get excited; like every diet, it's just water weight in the beginning; keto very much so; and in my case, even double more so since I'm sleeping in a bed now and the elevation of my legs is a very healthy thing to reduce the water retention. But since I keep losing, I really believe I'm losing weight now.

So things are looking up for me, in multiple ways, and I'm so thankful.

After a couple new-hire snafus, which were just the devil trying to get me to doubt (it didn't work!), I start my new job this week. I had to take a drug test twice which delayed things, bc the first one didn't go thru (Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? What a bunch of bologna. Just a stalling tactic.) Another time I got an email that said I'd been turned down for the job, when I hadn't. My first day is Thursday, orientation.

Victory in Jesus.

Very thankful!

No I am not ready for September. Are you? What a strange year we've had. I am ready for covid and politics to be OVER, and don't even get me started on the stupid rioting, and there will probably be 15 more "October surprises" before Nov 3. Sigh.

That's all I'll say about that. Politics-free, GRATEFUL blog here. Yes indeedy.

I love purple and am redoing the ugly bedroom and ugly bathroom in shades of purple and lavender.

The "in" colors in retail stores for bed and bath are currently peach, mint green, teal, navy, grey, and off-white; nothing even close to purple a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e, darn it. I even looked at some expensive places; nope, just the same "in" colors.

Unfortunately the bed is queen-sized; I have everything twin-sized so I have to start over. Cha-ching, cha-ching; NOT what I needed right now. I got a mattress cover at Dollar Tree, a waterproof mattress pad at Walmart, and a lavender comforter that was not my first choice from Ollie's, but the price was right.

So I'm decorating on a shoestring. I am using a new set of bath mats in two tones of purple that I got on clearance a couple years ago at Big Lots and kept in ministorage; I bought two deep purple large bath towels at Ollie's and two lighter purple medium bath towels at Walmart whose colors, combined, match the bath mats. And I already had purple hand towels, and a memory foam bath mat for in front of the shower, that work just fine.

Locally I am scouring clearance bins, and I look at places that have old merch on sale, like Big Lots, Ollies, and Ross, which takes a lot of time and patience. Every bargain has it's price! Even tho I didn't find what I was looking for, along the way I also found a white $7 hamper at Target and a purple $10 hamper at TJMaxx, and a clearance dresser runner at Ross.

My bathroom shower has a door without a curtain, and no tub. I have some really pretty fabric shower curtains in different shades of purples that I got at Good Will over the last 3 years and saved in ministorage, $2 and $3 ea, and I'm repurposing them into bedroom and bathroom curtains. Although I did find some purple butterfly curtains that I want on Amazon; I saved them but haven't splurged yet. I shop online and send it to my cart, but then I save most of the stuff for later, LOL.

I'm setting up the bedroom like an efficiency apt; so it looks more like a living room, and needs living room curtains in the bedroom. Privacy is not an issue, re, blackout or lined curtains not needed. Here's the Amazon butterfly curtains I probably will wait to splurge on, especially if the shower curtain repurposing works out as planned:

No one has eyelet lace sheets anywhere, even new; I'm amazed. Guess I am showing how old I am. I have some purple lace-trimmed sheets saved in Amazon that I'm going to splurge on probably. Much fancier than eyelet. The difference in price between plain sheets and amazing purple sheets is well worth it to me. So sometimes I splurge when the cost difference is reasonable, but most of the time I'm very frugal! Which funds the splurges.

So I'm having fun anyway decorating on a shoestring and making things match; it's more of a challenge. I'll post pics when I'm done. I should have taken a "before" picture but didn't.

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