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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Good Evening and welcome to my blog today.

Well as I am sitting contemplating what I should be writing about a few things c0me to mind. First it’s about exercising. We all agree a mild routine to keep our body moving is not a bad thing. But how do you make it exciting enough to keep it going on a regular basis? I have previewed a ton of exercises...from beginners to advance and unfortunately not too many of them are beneficial to what my needs are. I cannot get down on my hands and knees, after the knee replacement and accident I went through my nerves hurt more than the original pain if I have my weight on them at all. Because of the car accident, my knees which should be bending to a 90-degree angle after replacement are only bending to barely 45 degree. Not only that, because of being in a cast for several months and extended surgeries I cannot reach my feet with my hands without bending them sideways up on a seat or bed edge to even get my shoes on. Making tying or zipping shoes or boots quite difficult and impossible if a zipper is on the outside of my ankle instead of the inside. Because of my weight and lower back pain bending at the waist is very painful and I cannot squat at all. My upper body seems to be working find for the most part. I can walk without canes or walkers etc, however walking for long periods take a toll on my feet and legs. I have chosen to stay away from pain medication other than a Tylenol occasionally I am medication free for pain. Oh, and I have absolutely no balance whatsoever. That's me in a nutshell.

Now trying to do simply basic exercising is not working out for me. A bike causes my knees to lock up and the nerves after a few bends began to flame up and start to burn. Treadmill is not too bad until I am into it about 10 to 12 minutes and then the intense pain there starts to eat away at my nerve damage that was done during the surgery and car accident. I know I should be working out a little, I want to, I feel like I can and then I cannot. What I do manage does not seem to be targeting any one area as far as losing weight or making that area stronger. But, it does cause me to have a burning sensation right down through my legs and feet where ever the nerves are active at the time. The nerves even jump in my legs, jump as in causing me to have little spasms that burn and keep me awake moving my feet and legs for hours hoping the pain will go away.

I have not found anything anywhere that will answer any of these questions and allow me a way to find a happy balance. And I do research constantly. I have ordered a lot of so-called remedies, read a ton of literature, tried so many things and nothing will help. After spending hundreds of dollars on what this or that is supposed to be doing, I find out that I am no better off than when I started this journey. How do I stay motivated when there is really nothing out there except a tag that ask for more cash payments and promises you nothing in return? No amount of diets, natural remedies, pro-bios, exercises, health talks meet the needs I am seeking.

What can I do I thought to myself? I have come up with a suggestion or maybe a quest, or maybe just another silly idea. What I am going to do is start my own, recommended by me, videos, eating campaigns, cooking recipes, motivational talks and more. My very own channel. I set up an exercise area in my home, nothing fancy but adequate enough to get me through the process, I think. Lights, camera, and action. I opened a channel on YouTube and now I am going to do several tried and true things. For instance, I am going to show you how wrong some exercises are for plus size women with health issues such as mine. High Blood Pressure, Pre-Diabetic, Bad Thyroids, Nerve Damage, Balance Issues, Overweight, and over 70. Together we will test new things, develop our own things, and rate all the bull crap that is out there offering to fix us.

Yep made up my mind. I have 100 plus lbs. I want to lose, and I want to feel better, eat healthier, and get back some of my life that has been taken away from me because of different circumstances. So get ready to check out my post, or even stop by to check out my videos and channel from time to time. I will let you know when each session will be ready for a preview. Feel free to add to my comment sections or ask questions as we go. And maybe just maybe we can find some short of happy middle in this crazy world of HEALTH and EXERCISE.

I'm just saying

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