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Tried Out My Angel Wings

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Everyone always tells me what an angel I am because I am always doing something for them when they are in need... usually without them asking... such as cooking a meal when they have surgery or taking them some homemade soup when they are under the weather or sending cards for birthdays and anniversaries or holidays.....

So- on October 19th I tried out my angel wings- bad mistake.... they don't work !!!!!!!! Was coming home from short walk with my dog, Sassy, and was coming up the driveway and next thing I know, I was falling onto front lawn.... did not trip over my feet or crack in sidewalk or.... looking back there was only small leaf in my path. I landed halfway on lawn and halfway on sidewalk onto my left knee, thigh, hand, ribcage, and shoulder.

After I laid there for a few minutes waiting for my knight in shining armor to come pick me up (he never arrived), I very unladylike managed to get myself up and into the house. Being a nurse, did quick assessment... nothing broken but I am on heavy dose of blood thinner for heart valve and thigh was starting to swell so wrapped it in tight ace bandage and considered myself lucky.

That was Monday... My pain level was only 4-5 and continued to stay at that level so I continued to walk around the block and in front of the TV to get my 10,000 steps in and to keep thigh muscle pliable... thought I was doing good....

Then came Saturday.... pain level jumped up to 10-12. I needed my heating pad but it was in my closet in box above my head and I would need to climb on step ladder to get it.... couldn't hardly walk let alone climb so called my friend, Barbara, to come over and climb.

Barbara, being a doctor, insisted we go to urgent care.... away we went and 2 hours later after Xrays of leg and chest... no broken bones and instructions to go home and quit over doing exercise. Let my body heal.....

It has been about 3 1/2 week and I am finally able to walk my 10,000 steps again- it take4s me about 3 walks to get them done but I get them in.

Moral of the story: if people tell you that you are such an angel- that does not mean your angel wings will protect you when you fall.
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