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New Years Resolutions

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Maybe because Ive finally decided my goal, maybe because I balk at arbitrary rules and dates, maybe because I'm grocery shopping after work, or maybe because I'm just really ready for 2020 to be done and over with, my new year starts today.
I struggled with a goal...loose weight?...get toned? flatten my stomach? Yes please! Those are all side effects of actions I must take though and not actions themselves really.
Aside from the occasional sweet, when I prepare meals at home I generally eat healthy. Yea. When. I did nutrisystem for a while years ago and shed 80lbs but its really a miracle I've only gained back 10. It was nice, I didn't have to cook or think. At the time, I could afford it and I had some overwhelming personal issues going on that made prepping food nearly impossible. I can't afford it now and well, I want something that doesn't taste like cardboard.
I know what to do, I know how to choose the healthier foods over the not so healthy foods most of the time, but I'm trapped. Trapped in a cycle of I just worked all night I'm beat ...mcdonalds for breakfast, I slept all day and never made it to the store or I have to study for class, not enough time now, door dash to the rescue!!
Sorry door dash, we have to stop spending so much time together. I'm not totally breaking up, there is room for you in my plan, just not so much.
So my goal if you haven't guessed it, meal planning. With a list in hand to keep me on track, every Sunday morning on the way home from work I'll shop and, I hope, small changes will add up to big changes.

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