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8-Week Battle By Faith, Before Pictures.

Thursday, January 07, 2021

This blog will detail my before pictures for our NEW 8-Week Battle By Faith Team, also what I hope to accomplish during this Battle.
This week I challenged Warriors to think about their goals for the next 8 weeks and to set their FOUNDATION. Some might say...get on with it, this challenge is WAY too easy!
Well...for some people it might be. However during my journey I have learned many things, and one thing for sure is that if I do NOT have a have a plan set in place then I will NOT reach my goals!
My journey has been a hectic roller coaster but one does not lose over 100lbs without a plan!

Goals for this Battle:
I want to lose 8lbs. BUT most importantly I want to increase my mobility more than ANYTHING!
Let me explain. For the last 15 years I've had so many surgeries, but the most recent one has been the hardest on me physically and emotionally. All of these surgeries saved my life, especially the last one. However, I do have many obstacles ... I'll take the obstacles gladly because it means I get to have MY LIFE!
I always took for granted the simple fact of being able to MOVE by body, just being able to stand up straight. Well I no longer take mobility for granted! In fact I've started writing down on a calendar when I'm able to do the simplest of things. A couple months ago I was able to do a jumping jack! That is incredible to ME, so incredible that I'm in AWE! I know if I do NOT give up I will be able to continue to get stronger. There are so many set backs, but without a plan I will fail.
I will plan and track my meals, drink plenty of water, get as much exercise in when my body allows. I promise myself to read 2 or more articles each week about health/fitness/mobility. Check in with my Warriors who are Battling alongside me. Most importantly I will PRAY. I will seek GOD for our Team and HIS STRENGTH!
For anyone reading this, know that with CHRIST all things are possible!

Blessings~ Christina
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