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Friday, April 09, 2021

Since going to the holistic place and getting the LLLT on March 3, I've been pain free after 4.5 years of chronic hip pain. But then the xray showed that my hip is toast and 3 docs said that surgery is in my future.

However, being the bone head that I am (as in stubborn), because I've been pain free, I started to feel that I was out of the woods and had time before making the surgery decision. One of my SP friends kindly and gently advised me to be careful; that just because you're not in pain doesn't mean that you're not doing damage by insisting a damaged body part continue onward. Or that arthritis won't continue to get worse and one day you'll awaken and not even be able to move.

So, I'm still tentatively scheduled for May 11 surgery and have been doing a LOT of research and prep. Exercising. Getting mentally prepared as well.

Wishing all a fun day.

"Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed." Mark Twain
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    I would be reluctant like you are. But I also want to be able to continue to be mobile. I am praying for you. emoticon
    26 days ago
    Glad you made the decision. I am in the same boat, needing eventual knee surgery, and KNOWING that my knees are getting worse.
    26 days ago
    what is the holistic dr's opinion on possible surgery now that the pain is gone? He may have some experience with this too?
    Wishing you health now and in the future.
    27 days ago
    would you mind sharing what took your pain away? I have a friend with fibromyalgia, and a friend with shingles that nothing has helped take away their pain
    27 days ago
    It would be so wonderful to put off surgery permanently, but orthos know bones and I wouldn't fight them off too long. One gentleman I know was sitting at his computer one day when his hip just shattered and he couldn't move. I actually met him in the hospital (I knew him as a bridge player though, small world) as I was recovering from surgery at the time. Scary stuff. He was one of those guys that wouldn't go to a Dr. if he was on his last breath.

    28 days ago
  • NANCY-
    How was Red Lobster? All that you hoped?
    Having your muscles in shape will help you with healing.
    Keep looking forward.
    28 days ago
    Sending you hugs πŸ€— and prayers πŸ™πŸ» I like that you are planning for it.... a great plan for getting super healthy and mentally ready sounds like just the ticket .... cheering for you down here πŸ‘πŸ‘
    28 days ago
    You are a wise woman, and you will do what is best for you in the long run.
    28 days ago
    I do not think the absence of pain is the greatest indicator anymore than the bathroom scale. Neither of them tell the whole story. ...As a retired nurse, There are 2 things that I do believe and that is the results of diagnostic studies. Meaning X-Rays, MRI results, and blood work For certain things. The fact that 3 surgeons concur would be enough for me. (I am also one that when the proof is there I like to get things taken care of or not put them off)... I also like what Brooklyn had to say. She made a good point.
    Also, why take the risk of breaking your hip. My doctor told me That is one of the worst things a person could go through.
    28 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/9/2021 6:30:26 PM
    It is a hard decision to make but most people I know are glad they did it.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    28 days ago
    Yes, as much as it would be great if we could heal all things naturally and non invasively, unfortunately osteoporosis and bone degeneration is largely genetic so once those osteoblasts stop regenerating as quickly as they need to, there's not much else we can do but get surgical replacement. Genetic predisposition combined with the chlorine most of us drink for years in our city water breaks down our bones such that even a diet rich in calcium and a healthy lifestyle is no match for inevitable bone loss On the bright side, so glad you're not in pain! I totally understand your hesitancy toward surgery, but it sounds like you are making the right decision to get it done. The sooner it's done, the sooner you can recover and fully enjoy life again!
    28 days ago
    Get the surgery! It might be worse if you fall and break your hip. My father in law afterwards wondered why he didn't do it years earlier!
    28 days ago
    28 days ago
    You've gotten a lot of good advice here. I already told you about putting off my hysterectomy until "oh yeah, now it's impacting my life" If given the choice again, I would have had it done earlier.

    Then there was a bone spur causing me foot pain. I put it off until I almost crashed my car when extreme pain suddenly made it hard for me to brake.
    I had it done and as soon as I was recovering with 2 weeks on crutches, THAT was when a crazy sniper was shooting random people in parking lots in the DC area where I lived. So while everyone was rushing from buildings to their cars, there I was a nice slow target. How's that for lousy timing?

    We are all sending positive thoughts your way.

    28 days ago
    I would be cautious on both fronts. The treatment that is recommended does have something to do with what kind of doctor you go to. Surgeons recommend surgery - it's their field, they have observed patients go through procedures and have excellent recoveries and they last for years. If you go to a D.O. he might have a different plan. Or a chiropractor or holistic healer. Some of it depends on your expectations and they differ from person to person. For instance, If I would live to be 95 I would want to be independent and able to take care of my activities of daily living. I would not want to run marathons. I would not want to subsist in pain, neither would I expect to feel like a 20 year old. And damage usually does equate to pain. And your arthritis will progress. In some people it is extremely slow over decades, in others fairly rapid. There are risks to waiting and risks to having surgery which most people here have ignored. Talk to your primary physician about how you feel or other doctors.
    28 days ago
  • READY201811
    May 11. You will be covered in prayers and will be so blessed afterwards and thankful you did it.
    28 days ago
    Arthritis never goes away. Any damage done will not heal itself. When it’s bad enough that your orthopedist recommends surgery then I’d go for it. But ultimately the decision is yours. emoticon Exercise pre-op will help to make your recuperation a bit easier. Because you will need physical therapy post-op. Anything you can do to help yourself is something you won’t regret. emoticon
    28 days ago
    Good for you going ahead w/the surgery. Not an easy deision to make, but wise.

    I know I hesitated a long time getting my 2nd knee replacement. I started to feel less pain and thought I didn't need the surgery. The surgeon showed me the x-ray and it was bone on bone. The bones rubbing each other were polishing and making smooth the ends of the bones. It was NOT healing! More damage would have happened. So . . . go for it. You'll have lots of spark support, that's for sure.

    28 days ago
    yes please have the scheduled surgery so things do not get worse also start freezing meals and lining up some help if you can for after, wish i lived closer i would help in an instant Hugs
    28 days ago
    I can only imagine how hard of a decision it must be and then to not have pain for a while makes even more difficult. I agree with Tokiemoon, you could damage the nerves. My sister waited to have surgery on her back and now has extensive nerve damage and is in constant pain even with pain killers every day.

    Hope you can get to the point that you feel comfortable with your decision.

    Have a fantastic weekend,


    28 days ago
    28 days ago
    You don't want to make it worse. Or wear it out to the point it is irreparable.

    You were supposed to tell me how wonderful Red Lobster was in the real world. You had a glorious time and got the autograph of some B list celebrity on your big day out. Well???

    Have the best weekend!! May 11th will be here in no time and we can shower you in computer flowers!!!
    28 days ago
    I totally understand your reluctance to give in and have surgery. I've been there myself on two occasions. I can tell you from my experience that one of the surgeries I put off ended in me losing some nerve function because the injury was allowed to go on for so long. I think you are doing the right thing in going through with scheduling surgery for now instead of some later date. A bonus is that you will be having it done at a good time of the year for recuperation.

    Have a feel-good weekend knowing you are taking care of essential business
    emoticon .

    28 days ago
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