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04/14/21 Got my carport from HOME DEPOT IN the store, yeh!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2021

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday emoticon

Here is an Update on my carport drama: LOL

I have ordered and been waiting for a dual carport to arrive for my driveway since JANUARY 18, 2021. They are on back order because of Covid-19... the usual time waiting is 3 to 4 but it COULD BE a 6 month wait. ugh!


Guess what?

04/14/21 = I went into Home Depot

just for the sake of asking and Home Depot has carports IN the store ready for purchase!
I was like what????????????? yep they do
a SINGLE carport for one car = cost $899 so naturally I got it. 10x15

***** Home Depot SINGLE carport for one car photo =

At the cashier, she said if you apply for a Home Depot credit card you could get $100 discount on the carport.
I said okay. I applied and received a $100 DISCOUNT off the price of the carport just for applying for a Home Depot credit card, yeh!!! emoticon
So now the COST of the single carport is $799 and with tax it cost $894.00 yeh!!!

BTW... when I looked at the carports In Home Depot they had 8 carports for sale.
When I went back to BUY the carport the SAME morning there was only ONE left and I purchased the Last carport in stock, yeh!!!

***** Photo of the New carport IN my car on the way home, yeh!!!! emoticon

I had scheduled to pay a professional contractor $450 to install it yesterday in 34 degrees.

***** photo of $450 in cash from Bank to pay the contractor

emoticon The handyman contractor OPENS the brand new carport box from Home Depot and inside the box was just the ROOF panels IN the box and I was like oh no!! emoticon

***** Photo of the ROOF panels in the box with NO FRAMES included in the box :-(

we drove BACK to Home Depot and come to find out this package had an additional TWO more boxes that includes the frames. The Garden Supervisor Emmy gave us the 2 additional boxes of FRAMES and apologized for the young new employee not realizing that the single carport came with 3 boxes not One.

**** This is the photo of the UNboxing carport FRAMES, etc. in my driveway..


emoticon I researched on GOGGLE and on YouTube of people's REVIEWS and COMPLAINTS about Do-it-yourself Carport installations and what can go wrong.
emoticon 1. Leaks
emoticon 2. Rust = can happen when Shavings are NOT cleaned off thoroughly.

***** These are the extra supplies I purchased based on my RESEARCH:

because I did my research and a DIY carport has problems of LEAKS because the glue or material that comes with the product, any product brand, is cheap and you NEED a better glue to SEAL areas... so it is BEST to buy a brand KNOWN for sealing... " Flex Seal" and trust me FLEX SEAL IS EXPENSIVE!!! that little can above the blue marking Tape is $29.00 for just that ONE product emoticon I brought a few extra things from Flex Seal at Walmart Just in case I needed it. Whatever I do NOT use I will return or maybe KEEP because in case I get a leak in my house LOL smiles.

The contractor put up the entire FRAME of the carport but couldn't put the roof panels on because it started to RAIN :-(

**** Carport "FRAME" installed.... then it began to RAIN....

The contractor said he would return the next morning on Friday due to the RAIN. On Friday 04/16/21 = he will be installing the roof PANELS to the carport and then he will be done installing my brand new single-car Carport, yeh!!!

I Met his wife yesterday ***** Photo of the contractor and his wife:

emoticon Well it is now 4am on Friday 04/16/21 and it SNOWED yes SNOWED in Colorado last night!!! Thank goodness the streets are clear though.
Light snow but still snowed. Current temperature is 29 degrees at 4am

***** Photo of the SNOW at 4am.. snow on the frame too

emoticon what I am worried about is the COLD temperature.
Currently it is 29 degrees outside.. with the high expected to be ONLY 34 degrees.
so I worry if he will still come here at 9am to install the roof of the carport.


I think he WILL come because I have the $450 in CASH to pay him for the install.

BTW... installation of a dual carport cost is $800 to $1600
I only was charged $450 because my temporary carport from Home Depot is for a SINGLE-CAR, not a 2-car carport that I am still waiting for that was ordered in January.

so when my dual carport DOES arrive by or before July 2021, the company will deliver and install it for FREE. yeh!!! Then I will sell my single carport on Facebook :-)

but for now... I have my carport and I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy :) yeh!

My son uses the garage to store his car in daily.
I truly dislike the garage because I feel boxed IN and worried that I will hit something or hit the shelving units IN my garage and I have done so, so I absolutely do NOT want to use the garage. Nope, not doing it LOL I prefer the OPEN space of a carport, yeh!!!

In case you are wondering WHY I am still waiting for a DUAL carport....

In Colorado winter... do you or anyone REALLY want to shovel a driveway? Nope emoticon
That's why I am still waiting for my dual carport :-)

and the DUAL carport made by a reputable company is permanent and warrantied for 20 years with a wind factor of 130 MPH and a 35 pound snow weight.
Cost: ONLY $1300 emoticon no joke.

OTHER companies will charge $2800 to $3500 for the SAME carport measurements of 18x17x7 feet. But.... remember I ordered MY dual carport when the pandemic was still pretty New per say... now it is months later and the price for the SAME carport is ridiculously HIGH, wow!

so I don't mind waiting for a fantastic price for a DUAL sturdy carport :-) of only $1300

For now that I have my temporary single-car carport from Home Depot.
my life is complete, yeh!!! emoticon smiles

04/14/21 = purchased Carport from inside Home Depot store
04/15/21 = carport FRAME installed but had to stop due to the rain
04/16/21 = carport ROOF scheduled to be installed, yeh!

emoticon UPDATE:
emoticon 04/16/21 Friday = Contractor arrived on-time.
I handed him some towels to wipe the frame off from the snow and moisture which he did and I shared with him what I learned from my research about how important it is to clean up and wipe off the shavings from each drilling and screwing in each screw because otherwise it will result in RUST later on and he agreed to do so. Then the Contractor squared off the Frame to ensure it was in a square position and is now drilling the frame into place on my cement driveway at 9:40am, yeh!

Now the Contractor is getting a visual and then begins to install the middle roof panels IN place. Then took at break at 10:30am to go pick up his wife, will be right back he said.

Carport UPDATE: 04/16/21 Time around 11:15am

I didn't like the COLOR of the carport panels so I gave the Contractor my credit card and asked him to go to the Steel Metal company and get WHITE Panels and he is the one who reminded me to get BLUE trim as well and I was like yes!!! I also volunteered to pay him MORE for this extra shopping trip for me and told him to go to lunch on my credit card with his wife anywhere he wanted to go. He was doing a KIND favor for me to make me happy and I was returning the kindness by offering more money and lunch and to buy a lock for his dogs gate so the dogs won't go out of the yard again :-) Sometimes its just Nice to be BE nice to others and Kind :-)

I am at home nice and warm and cozy eating cut green beans and chicken, yummie emoticon

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