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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Life came at me really fast this week. I’m up at 2:45 am because I’ve been working late, getting up early to workout and falling asleep at odd hours. My body is confused and tired. I need to get to 7/1, remain employed, sane and sober. These are my priorities.

I was inspired by “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” – A Symbol of Strength and Resilience blog from @Brooklyn_Born. She asked the question what inspires you to keep going. If you need some motivation, check this out for a refresher:

I come from a long line of strong God fearing Black women but my grandmother, Mildred aka Mama Dear is my constant source for inspiration. She would say, we stay prayed up but, you still gotta put in the work. That’s why one of my personal mottos is to do it for those who can’t. It reminds me of all those less fortunate folks that wish they had a warm bed to crawl out of and fancy running shoes to lace up on two feet to walk.

My Mama Dear would not allow whining about being BORED. There’s always work to do because idle hands are the devil’s workshop. On Saturday morning, we started early polishing furniture, silverware, vacuuming, dusting and believe me she collected every knick knack ever! I’m failing to meet every deadline because everyone has the same date request. However, I’m sitting at a cushy desk, with candles and cat listening to music while I work from home.

I’m changing my perspective and mindset because my attitude is how I will survive. She would remind me that no matter how difficult life feels, you are still being blessed.

A friend sent me a surprise pick me up. There are good things happening all around.

My weight was starting to shoot up but I nipped that in the bud. That is not acceptable. I’ve worked too hard to just throw it away. What I will do is recognize I don’t have time to prep and cook the same right now but I will delegate and rely on ready made. I know moving makes me feel good and helps me sleep. So, I will be sure to keep getting my daily exercise in. I am going to avoid stress eating as best I can. It’s been 50/50 so far. I am drinking my water and tea. I’ve added sparkling water because it adds variety. Sleep is going to suck but I will try to get at least 6 hours even if I have to take quick naps midday.

THANK YOU ALL FOR REACHING OUT! I’m slowly catching up on emails so just know I appreciate you. Really and truly!

Last but not least here is the official family portrait from a few weeks ago

The last time we took a family photo this is what we looked like emoticon
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