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Monday, May 17, 2021

Day 2 of an expected 10 day rain event. The rain garden glistens and the birds sing loudly this morning. Kitty is out now and I hope the Tuxedoed gray is not about. A spooky Tom, he squared off with my Dis yesterday morning, oblivious to my presence til I pushed him back and ordered him home. In his usual superior manner my aged ginger snapdragon, pursued. I noted this morning as we awaited the sunrise in the armchair, the tufts of claw cuts on his forehead and ear from his skirmish.
The scale is not registering much damage despite my unplanned ...but enjoyable marauding of the refrigerator at midnight for the thawed bit of Kirkland's signature master carver Applewood smoked ham and mozzarella cheese...that's a lot of salt. Of course the scale probably would have registered a loss without that. No matter, I can be patient. I simply track these late night/ early morning forages on the next breakfast so it's all inputted.
I have a new challenge to my literary consumption. My dear cousin has recommended " The Seveneves," by Neal Stephenson. It is a very complex (for science fiction regarding the events stemming from the explosion of our Earth's moon. First page and first question to my cousin ...what is UTC...Universal Coordinated Time and a way that submarines keep time across multiple time zones and my cousin being the scientific brainchild he is even sent me the phone number which is 303-499-7111 which he touts is embedded in his DNA.
So this morning I continue to eke my way through the book and wait for feeding time at the barn listening to morning praise music to my Christian Lord. Beautiful day ahead.
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