Still on track... guess you call this a Streak!
Sunday, March 04, 2012      0 comments

Back in 2008 when I first started on Spark (under a different name) I loved doing Spark Streaks - keeping on food program and exercise program for as many days as possible. It feels great to be on another streak this week - tracking food daily, ... Read more
Like getting back on a horse...
Wednesday, February 29, 2012      0 comments

It amazes me, how comfortable I feel, being back on Spark, tracking my food, making good choices. I feel in control, and happy, instead of experiencing the daily self-hatred and depression that enters into the equasion when I eat horribly and d... Read more
WLS doesn't stop emotional eating
Wednesday, September 14, 2011      3 comments

News Flash! Having a lap band installed doesn't stop me from emotional eating!! I have finally hit rock bottom. I admit, I coasted along for almost two years, post... Read more
Crying Uncle - gotta be consistent!
Thursday, January 13, 2011      2 comments

I look back on 2010 and realize something pretty darn horrible. I had minor fluctions of a few pounds up/down, but the end result was I maintained - have not lost any significant weight for ONE YEAR. That is disgusting. No, I didn't gain anyt... Read more
What a difference a day makes...
Monday, July 12, 2010      2 comments

I am so psyched!! and excited!! - this was the first weekend in months that I did not struggle at every meal, or vomit up my food, or get "stuck" in my lap band. Meals were enjoyable for a change. We even ate out on Saturday night (I chose a ... Read more
Loving my lap band WLS again!
Sunday, July 11, 2010      2 comments

When the doctor told me that he recommended taking .5 cc's out of my band on Friday, I was very nervous. To me, a tight band means it is working! I used to get SO hungry between meals with a looser band. And eat larger portions and crave bad f... Read more
New surgeon - new recommendations!
Saturday, July 10, 2010      4 comments

I finally decided to retain the services of another surgeon's office for my lap band fills/follow up care. The time commitment and high monetary cost to get into Manhattan every four to six weeks was getting out of hand. Plus my boss was getti... Read more
Change HAS to happen for CHANGE to happen
Wednesday, May 12, 2010      3 comments

Since 12/31 of last year, I've been haphazardly (usually 1x a week, sometimes less frequently) keeping a weight loss chart that I shove in my nightstand drawer, after each time I weigh myself. My scale, that sits next to my nightstand next to m... Read more
You think? LOL counting calories is an eye opener
Wednesday, April 07, 2010      6 comments

April 20th is my one year bandiversary. I have come far, down 65.5 lbs. so far, but I have been coasting really for the past few months. Or is it more like 5 months? A m... Read more
Maintaining and not losing.... but that's gonna change
Wednesday, February 17, 2010      0 comments

Well it's been about 3 months since I have begun to experience sort of a plateau, sort of a maintenance level-out. I seem to struggle with losing and gaining the same one pound. I weigh myself 1x a week - and I see that the honeymoon period of... Read more
2010 Well Underway and things are.... slow... weightloss wise
Friday, January 22, 2010      2 comments

I've been struggling with the fill/no fill issue and my lapband. I was under the impression that I had to get an unfill, as I had not lost any significant weight over last few months. I have maintained or lost a teensy tiny bit but no large lo... Read more
"All or nothing thinking" will get you into trouble!
Tuesday, December 08, 2009      6 comments

In the past, I would often fall victim to "all or nothing" thinking. I would set myself up for a huge task/commitment, then the minute I could not achieve one small piece of it -- I would throw my hands up in disgust and say, "forget it!" "I ... Read more
Scale moving already!
Saturday, December 05, 2009      2 comments

Well only third day into resuming "proper" lapband eating plan lifestyle and the scale has gone down 1 lb. so I am psyched! The band DOES work when you follow the rules your surgeon gives you. Duh! I am eating just over 800 calories a ... Read more
Following the basics, faithfully, will get me where I need to be
Friday, December 04, 2009      3 comments

It is very simple - once I focus on the basics of laband nutrition/lifestyle - it all falls back into place. Feeling good today, having my protein shake for breakfast and preplanning all my meals and entering them into the tracker. I am ... Read more
What to do if you stop losing weight after lap band surgery...
Thursday, December 03, 2009      5 comments

I stumbled across a great website. And, since I have stalled in my weight loss for last few months, it was VERY helpful to me. http://www.lap-band-surgery-
nd-surgery.html Here is an excerpt -- I am ke... Read more

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