Just exactly what is Maintenance???
Tuesday, October 09, 2012      10 comments

OK, I freely admit, these days I've been a blog slacker. No real good's not like I lack things going on....I'm mostly on a pretty stable glide path working, eating, exercising, life, yadda-yadda-yadda. I've read a lot of blogs ... Read more
Istanbul - I need a vacation from my vacation!
Sunday, September 30, 2012      18 comments

Ahhh, it's nice to be back home! Here I sit on my favorite chaise lounge, looking out our windows onto the stormy seas as I get caught back up on logging food and blogging adventures. I got in last night after a surprisingly uneventful flig... Read more Bull - Part Deux!!
Friday, September 21, 2012      11 comments

Well I admit, I have neglected my blogging of late. September has been an unusually busy month. I've been on the road from Las Vegas to Norfolk to New Mexico these past few weeks, all the while still trying to do my day job in Florida. Luckily I... Read more
These feet are made for walking!
Tuesday, September 04, 2012      13 comments

So I think I'm neglecting one of the tried and true methods of staying very healthy, slim, and fit.....walking.....lots of walking. I actually love to walk, and in the past have racked up considerable miles walking all across this planet. W... Read more
I love nature's fury
Thursday, August 30, 2012      11 comments

Well one of the great things about living on the beach on the beach! SWMBO, #2 son, and I get to see some pretty amazing things every day right in our own back yard. Someday's it's a great sunset; ... Read more
Low carbs and high performance
Friday, August 24, 2012      12 comments

I love shattering myths! I've been keeping my carbs low for about 3 months now (below 50 gms/day). One of the concerns I heard over and over from people I would talk to this about was that I needed carbs for energy, that if I didn't get eno... Read more
Bodpod, a she-guru, and heresy!
Monday, August 20, 2012      16 comments

So as many of my long-term spark buds know, I am a geek when it comes to data collecting and number crunching. If it were up to me, I would goob out with constant monitoring and uploading of all sorts of things; blood pressure, heart rate, lipid... Read more
What if we didn't store food as fat?
Saturday, August 18, 2012      13 comments

So how would our lives change if our bodies didn't store fat? I'm going to pull the thread on that one in just a little bit, but it begs the question, "how and why do our bodies store fat?" Well I'm certainly not a biologist, a nutriti... Read more bull!
Sunday, August 12, 2012      18 comments

Well I spent most of yesterday planning September.....then spent today relaxing and reading. September is looking to be pretty busy....from the looks of it, after Labor Day, I'll only be home on the weekends till the end of the month. I've ... Read more
Why I hate shopping!
Wednesday, August 08, 2012      17 comments

I know, once again, why it is that I hate shopping, and why I am so very thankful to live in the internet age where I can just go to Amazon or some other website and get just about anything I need in the world delivered to my door step. So ... Read more
Low Carb in Las Vegas!
Monday, August 06, 2012      16 comments

Well it's pretty darn hot in Vegas! Go's August, it's the desert, and a few miles from all those dancing fountains in front of the's dry & dusty! ... Read more
Bye bye to hunger & cravings?
Thursday, August 02, 2012      16 comments

So I've got to admit, I really like my job! I got a new boss the other day. My boss lives out in Las Vegas (which is nice...other than the obvious reason that he is 2000 miles away, I get lots of reasons to go out next week fo... Read more
Alaska Cruise results.....down a pound and a half!
Tuesday, July 31, 2012      10 comments

Well, well, well Sparkfriends, hard to believe it has almost been 2 weeks since my last blog. But it has been an incredibly busy, incredibly relaxing, and incredibly surprising 2 weeks. I was all over the continental United States the first 2 we... Read more
It's Go Time.....this week Vegas, Seattle, Alaska!
Sunday, July 15, 2012      18 comments

Alright folks, it's GO TIME! This is the week our family has been revving up towards for a while. Here's the plan; - Monday I fly to Vegas for some early morning meetings on Tuesday - Tuesday afternoon, I fly back to FL, getting... Read more
The Great Low Carb Workout Transition!
Tuesday, July 10, 2012      14 comments

Well 3 weeks after my low carb transition, I think my body has finally acclimated to it and I can rev up my workouts as usual! I was plagued with fatigue my first few workouts. I'd start sweating 30 seconds in to my warmup. Mentally, I had ... Read more

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