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Tried Out My Angel Wings
Thursday, November 12, 2020      8 comments

Everyone always tells me what an angel I am because I am always doing something for them when they are in need... usually without them asking... such as cooking a meal when they have surgery or taking them some homemade soup when they are under ... Read more
Done With The Plateau
Sunday, October 11, 2020      7 comments

I don't know about anyone else but I hit my plateau in August. I figured it was going to be a short lived thing in my life like they had been in the past... a few days to a week and then I would continue on my journey down the scale. WRONG. T... Read more
Tired of the ChaCha
Thursday, July 02, 2020      5 comments

For the last little bit I have been doing the Cha Cha... two steps forward, two steps back- playing around with the same two pounds and never going any where... wanting to break out of the 200 pound range and being so close only to bounce back u... Read more
Looking back and looking forward....
Monday, May 25, 2020      3 comments

Looking back: I was reading some of my old blogs where I was making soup for the church meals on Wednesday night get-together bible studies.... I started out as just a volunteer as wanting to help contribute somthing and knew people would prob... Read more
Very Tired
Monday, February 18, 2019      3 comments

I am very tired today. I usually go to bed about midnight and get up around 7-9 am... on Sundays I set my alarm for 7 am so I can have a shower before church and gather my As I was getting things gathered together last night gettin... Read more
Back Slide... It's OK
Tuesday, February 12, 2019      3 comments

I weigh in on Tuesdays and Fridays and today I was up a couple of pounds... no big deal as I figure it was water weight as I have been good with food and activity. Didn't sleep very well last night so it could be a bunch of little things added ... Read more
Happy Day
Tuesday, February 12, 2019      1 comments

Have been relatively lazy today until this evening when I got on the treadmill and effortlessly did 12 minutes... the longest I have done so far...little steps. Got a phone call from my daughter in Spokane, WA letting me know that in spite ... Read more
Soup Day
Wednesday, February 06, 2019      0 comments

I made navy bean with ham soup for church tonight...was a big hit as it is all gone... I added celery, carrots, and spinach to the beans and ham and everyone thought it was terrific. I have been asked to bring soup for next week too and the mai... Read more
Mission Accomplished
Monday, February 04, 2019      2 comments

Scarf number 4 finished and number 5 started. Official weigh in for month of January... down 14 pounds Yesterday, with the help of my housemate, I moved my stationary bike from family room into back spare bedroom and moved treadmill fr... Read more
Boy, Are We In Trouble Now
Friday, February 01, 2019      2 comments

So Sassy and I took our walk today around the block and as usual, when she sees anyone, she barks to let them know that they are in her world... she thinks she is a great dane and owns all that she sees... I have to talk to her and let her know ... Read more
Spirit Willing... But Body Not
Tuesday, January 29, 2019      0 comments

It was such a lovely day today... almost like a spring day here in central California... blue skies, sunny and relatively mild breeze. A great day to take a long walk... the spirit was willing and Sassy and I set out for our walk however as we ... Read more
9th Street Mission
Tuesday, January 29, 2019      3 comments

Tonight was spent feeding the homeless at the Salvation Army 9th Street Mission. We, as a church, go there approximately once a month and prepare dinner and serve the dinner we bring. During the winter there is about 200 men and women sheltere... Read more
Church And Potluck
Monday, January 28, 2019      1 comments

Spent the morning in church followed by church meeting followed by church potluck. Yesterday was spent in meeting in church and tomorrow is another meeting with church... nothing against church but it is starting to interfere with my Read more
Saturday Deacon's Meeting
Sunday, January 27, 2019      1 comments

Spent the day at a church meeting for Deacons and then came home and collapsed, exhausted on the couch. Woke up at 6 pm ... too late to walk and had to make a casserole for church potluck tomorrow so day was really a wasted day as far as doing... Read more
Friday, January 25, 2019      2 comments

After yesterday's self imposed death march to the post office and back... the results are: 1. sore right knee 2. blistered left big toe 3. weight loss of one pound......... woohoo. So today we took a short walk to th... Read more

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