The long road back...
Monday, April 17, 2017      4 comments

... starts right here. I know, I've been gone for a long time. It has been a crazy and terrible few months. Recap: tore a tendon in my... Read more
An uphill climb, but still alive
Tuesday, November 08, 2016      4 comments

The hits just keep on coming. I had a meeting last week with my surgeon. My ankle is not healing the way he had hoped. To make matters worse, according to the MRI results, there does not appear to be enough tissue left over from the last surg... Read more
Going to have to get creative.
Thursday, October 06, 2016      3 comments

I can't let this ruin everything for me. I am having a hard time brainstorming about what I CAN do right now with my messed up leg. Instead I keep getting derailed by what I can't do. But, like, people in wheelchairs compete in the olym... Read more
So, this happened.
Wednesday, October 05, 2016      7 comments

Yeah. Broke my bad ankle. I've been out of commission for almost a month. It's bad. I'm facing a long, long road of rehab and possibly sur... Read more
"What could you do with your life if you were ten times bolder?"
Thursday, September 01, 2016      3 comments

Today marks (roughly) one year since I re-started my journey toward a healthier and happier life for myself. I saw the quote above this morning and it perfectly encapsulates where I am right now. This time last year I was miserable. My ... Read more
Getting there
Friday, August 26, 2016      2 comments

I was on the road yesterday for work. I had a little extra time at lunch and was going to go for a walk but it was crazy hot and humid so I called it off. When I got home I got all dressed in my workout clothes and took the dogs for a two-mile... Read more
Today's challenge: eating on the road
Thursday, August 25, 2016      4 comments

Today I have to travel for work. I'm going to be sitting in my car for three hours, sitting in a conference room for 6-ish hours, and then sitting in my car again for another three hours. Somewhere in there I am going to have to eat a quic... Read more
Well, that sucked just about as much as I thought it would. . .
Wednesday, August 24, 2016      8 comments

I did it. I hadn't really done everything I wanted to accomplish this morning, but by 2pm I knew that if I didn't go out right then for my lunch/workout, it wasn't going to happen. A promise is a promise, so I went. Tried to talk myself... Read more
My status
Wednesday, August 24, 2016      2 comments

Today a friend, who is also a personal trainer, posted a photo on facebook that said "I don't care if you start over 4 times or 1,000, I will not let you fail!" That's just the kind of thing I needed to see today. Doing fairly well on ... Read more
The road back
Tuesday, August 09, 2016      6 comments

Still working on getting back into a healthy routine, one step at a time. The good: Made time to exercise two weeknights last week. On Saturday we went to the zoo for my nephew's birthday, and did a lot of walking. Got up super e... Read more
Taking my own advice is hard!!
Thursday, August 04, 2016      5 comments

As I have told many of you, when I started this journey almost exactly one year ago, it was with the tiniest of baby steps. I needed an escape from my demanding job, so I would go to a park by my office at lunchtime and walk a little. First it... Read more
Derail Town, USA
Wednesday, June 22, 2016      5 comments

So . . life gets in the way on occasion, doesn't it? My hip injury has been more debilitating than I really anticipated. I am in almost constant pain. I keep telling people that my butt is broken, which is a funny way of deflecting my an... Read more
I suppose this was inevitable.
Friday, June 10, 2016      6 comments

I'm super clumsy. A couple of trip-and-fall injuries in my teens left me with a temperamental right knee. As an adult I broke my right ankle three times, eventually requiring extensive reconstructive surgery. After the surgery, I have some pe... Read more
Stupid scale.
Tuesday, May 24, 2016      3 comments

For the past couple of weeks I absolutely cannot get the stupid scale to budge. Like, to the tenth of a pound!! I know that it's partially my fault. My food choices have been more in line with a weight maintenance schedule. Or, you kno... Read more
Ridiculous meltdown
Tuesday, May 17, 2016      3 comments

One of the things that I have really struggled with as I am losing weight is my wardrobe, and it shows up in a bunch of different ways. At first, I was terrified to pack up the clothes I'd grown out of "just in case" I gained the weight back. A... Read more

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