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Got the job!
Friday, June 10, 2016      12 comments

In an economy where it is slim pickings and my job is winding down as an educational assistant, much needed relief to get the job in the field I want. Exercise and proper eating is part of the answer to keep positive as well as ready for these c... Read more
Hard to view all my choices as positive.
Tuesday, June 07, 2016      6 comments

Today was full of activity and I killed it. However had to look at the choices as positive which was hard at first. Did 2 hours of long walking. Great karate practice in the morning with my kid. Then we killed it for close to one and a half hour... Read more
Good day today.
Tuesday, June 07, 2016      5 comments

I have gotten more mobile but the fact I could run and even catch the fastest at school was an accomplishment for me. No running is not in the cards, but great that I can do it and my arthrititis doen't kill me. Finished leading a year course in... Read more
Falling off the blog but still doing spark, room for improvement
Sunday, June 05, 2016      6 comments

I had a very busy week and for the most part very productive. However, lots of room for improvement. Not blogging will not help enlighten me. Think this is the most productive part of the process for me along with prayer.... Read more
Seeing myself and my family mature.
Wednesday, June 01, 2016      4 comments

There are many things I could take the wrong way, but didn't today and felt better for it. Somethings were great but still would like to know where I will be next year so I can work hard towards that. But I have to trust in Jesus. He has blessed... Read more
Productive day, thanks God and thanks everyone else!
Wednesday, May 25, 2016      6 comments

Did my exercises and karate training by the time work was done. Got my sons hockey and our karate training done. Also my car diagnosed and yes it was the axle. Good friend is doing it at cost and I feel blessed. Also feel the support from family... Read more
Just a really good day.
Monday, May 23, 2016      10 comments

Yes the exercise was there and the food but it was the intangibles that made it great. Secret was I just left thing up to God. For myself got the 2nd coat of mud done to get ready for painting of the upstairs. Got my resume done and over to the ... Read more
Getting back in the groove!
Sunday, May 22, 2016      6 comments

Took some time off spark people and got lots done. Find it hard to get back, so doing it like dayone and it will only get easier. Funny part is it was no more than two weeks. Easy to get out of good habits.... Read more
Day 261 Hurt my knee (arthritis related)
Monday, May 09, 2016      7 comments

Walked around this morning and my right knee went on me. Went to the pool and did the whirlppool and sauna thing. Thankfully it helped out and got through work without having to say anything. Don't want this to happen again so really focusing on... Read more
Day 260 Happy Mothers Day All!
Saturday, May 07, 2016      5 comments

Been going nonstop so my wife can just sit back and do her gardening, has been a great day. Did all the stuff for my kid the house, and day home. Also lots of garage sales, and yes that was for my wife. Happy Mothers Day to All! Happy Mothers Da... Read more
Day 259 Giving the shirt off my back.
Wednesday, May 04, 2016      4 comments

Got things done in an organized manner. Thankfully God was in the helm as work only went well in his hands. Organizing got things done and as usual others take its place. Even got my kids skates popped out in the back for free, only to find out ... Read more
Day 258 Sidetracked not blogging! Leaving things up to God.
Tuesday, May 03, 2016      5 comments

Wow I noticed I haven't been blogging and it feels better to do it. My son won the gold against junior high students in kumite and some of them were wearing plastic shin pads. My son was bruised but was extremely tough but couldn't move his arm ... Read more
Day 257 Karate tournament day tomorrow!
Saturday, April 30, 2016      1 comments

Last karate tournament I entered I won a gold, now leaving that up to my son. He has got gold in the kumite portion since he started 5 years ago. Should do good this time as well, but leave it up to God. He is as ready he can and if they put hi... Read more
Wednesday is over, Thursday then chance of a break Friday!
Wednesday, April 27, 2016      2 comments

Lots of things to do and they are going amazingly well. Lord has blessed me and my family with lots of fun things and good health. Broke down with a coca cola today. Family is clicking on all cylinders but Friday will be a well needed break!... Read more
Day 255 Busy week
Tuesday, April 26, 2016      6 comments

Just everything is coming down the pike and all I can do is go over things in order of priority. Thankfully everything worked out for the best and some adjustments although tiny are going to have long term effects. Overall an amazing day today!... Read more

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