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Day 195 Found my spark listening to 1 hour of positive affirmations.
Tuesday, February 16, 2016      5 comments

I know exercise increases happiness but sometimes we get negative. I did an hour at the gym of weights and 1 hour of skating with my son. At karate I did almost 1.5 hours and I am sore in more ways than one. However it is a good sore. At karate ... Read more
Day 194 Found my spark, more work putting together an elliptical than working on it!
Tuesday, February 16, 2016      5 comments

Yes the elliptical we got was very heavy. I had to take it out piece meal from the van. I noticed that as great as the communication is between me and my wife, there are times she doesn't listen. She asked nicely if she could help lift and I sai... Read more
Day 193 Found my spark, bought an elliptical bike!
Sunday, February 14, 2016      6 comments

Today, my son had hockey practice and then a play date at noon that will be 26 hours. My wife wanted to exercise more, (yes attraction by doing, then telling people to workout works) and so we got an elliptical. I was totally flattered by this a... Read more
Day 192 Found my spark, exercise without doing any regular routine.
Saturday, February 13, 2016      2 comments

Crawling up in the attic helping put in my lights or on my knees on the island was painful but worth it. A bright house just looks so much sharper. Did the grocery shopping and my legs are tired. Actually they were that way from competing agains... Read more
Page 192 Found my spark, leaving it up to God
Saturday, February 13, 2016      7 comments

Today was a great day at work, and a good evening with my son. Got rough about 20 minutes ago so just leaving it with God. Exercise wise did a survivor boot camp with my son and we did great together, although I definitely paid the price keeping... Read more
Day 191 Found my spark, open to feedback.
Thursday, February 11, 2016      6 comments

Wow got alot of feedback today. At work I was sick again but this time went in, no substitutes were there for me. I wasn't perfect but that wasn't an issue, and think I picked up some key points to work on. Same with karate today, got sleep befo... Read more
Day 190 Found my spark, boring day but made the most of it!
Thursday, February 11, 2016      5 comments

When i said it was boring related mostly to work. Cannot just take advantage of a lull so did lots instead including fixing an old sharpener for pencils that i didn't have too. Exercised well and kept to a budget which is a major goal of mine. D... Read more
Day 189 Found my spark
Tuesday, February 09, 2016      6 comments

It wasn't what I usually do which is skate with my son or karate on Tuesdays. It was the 10 minutes of sweeping the house as fast as I could do which not only burned extra calories but helped out with the wife. Put several goals on the list and ... Read more
Day 188 Found my spark, sick day off work!
Monday, February 08, 2016      8 comments

Greatly debated going to work or not, but the way I am feeling glad I did. 10 year old son did the same thing about school and sleeping soundly. Didn't realize how much work to get a sub in and don't think anyone is available, wished it was just... Read more
Day 187 Found my spark, sick but feeling awesome!
Sunday, February 07, 2016      6 comments

Today started with church and volunteering, took my kid home and rested with him. Arrived at the arena to watch him play at 145pm. Boy he looked playing awesful on the ice, then at the end I was out of it. Told my wife to take him out to the car... Read more
Day 186 Found my spark
Sunday, February 07, 2016      3 comments

Just did chores around the house and spent time with the family. Ate good portioned meals today!... Read more
Day 185 Found my spark, working my program.
Friday, February 05, 2016      5 comments

I have made several commitments and one was at work. Ironically there is no one who looks at what I do except the kids and the teacher. For me it was a test with the special needs kids I worked with. One girl was sick at home and her parents ph... Read more
Day 184 Found my spark, respect your coach!
Friday, February 05, 2016      6 comments

Amazingly most of the stuff I asked and wished from my son happened at practice today. Big mistake not paying attention to his coach. Simple talk but he got right away! Similarly I appreciate every spark friend and person who gives me wonderful ... Read more
Day 183 Found my spark, God does take care of things!
Wednesday, February 03, 2016      4 comments

At work I think I am finding myself the flavor of the month in the classroom. Where I felt I was not appreciated now I am finding the teacher protecting me. Don't feel that from the principal but then none of the staff do. Being a male and worki... Read more
Day 182 Found my spark, today just fell into place!
Wednesday, February 03, 2016      4 comments

Don't get me wrong, worked hard for today but it was great.. Made bacon poppers for breakfast which is inexpensive and with whole wheat flour not bad nutritionally. First time for muffins and rocked it. Ironically arrived late to work for the f... Read more

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