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Been a Long Time...
Saturday, August 31, 2013      5 comments

I just realized how long it has been since I have written a blog. I do not really have much to say, but figured I would write anyway:-) Working a retail job to get by, school is almost full-time, trying to find a decent job, helping out my bro... Read more
Checking In
Wednesday, February 01, 2012      7 comments

Just a quick blog to check in...I haven't been blogging very often, but I know I should be! Trying to find the energy to exercise even though my job physically exhausts me has been difficult, but I really need to be doing some extra work on... Read more
New Year, New Ticker, New Goals
Sunday, January 01, 2012      8 comments

I have had my Spark 'ticker' set on a weight-loss goal for ages (years and years) and it never moves more than 2 lbs up or down. So, I have decided to start the year with my ticker set for fitness minutes rather than weight loss. I figure that i... Read more
Me and My Muddy Butt
Monday, May 02, 2011      3 comments

Woke this morning with some energy so I decided to use it by going on a hike. I must say that Great Falls Park was gorgeous today! I have never seen the Potomac rush over the falls like it was today and it was really quite fascinating. I pa... Read more
Check Out These Recipes!!!
Sunday, May 01, 2011      3 comments

Ok, I have to put the link up for these recipes: www.healthytippingpoint.
nners I had not been to this website before reading the Spark email today but, oh my goodness, I can not wait to mak... Read more
White Tea Smoothie
Thursday, April 21, 2011      1 comments

I just saw this recipe on 'Whats Brewing' on Veria and thought I should share because it looks really good and very healthy: 1 1/2 cups frozen mixed berries 3/4 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup brewed white tea 1/2 cup pomegranate juice 1 ... Read more
Breakfast- Overnight Oatmeal
Wednesday, March 16, 2011      5 comments

I have decided that there are two reasons I do not eat breakfast: I am not hungry in the am; I am lazy in the am! So I decided that tonight I will try to make the overnight cold oatmeal. Majority of the recipes I found are meant for a ... Read more
Anyone Know of a Good Lip Plumper/Line Eraser?
Tuesday, March 08, 2011      3 comments

I know this is an odd question and blog, but I really need something for the lines around my mouth and can not afford to get injections (not that I want to). So if any of you have used anything that really works, please let me know! Thanks!... Read more
Yahoo Finance on Weight in Women and the Work Place
Thursday, February 24, 2011      7 comments

"If you're a skinny woman: New York University sociologist Dalton Conley conducted a study and discovered that a woman's weight negatively impacts her household income and "job prestige." In fact, a 1% increase in body mass results in a 0.6 p... Read more
Kettlebell Workout #1
Thursday, February 17, 2011      6 comments

Holy cow. This was the hardest workout I have ever done in my life! I could barely do more than 5 reps of each exercise without feeling like I was going to pass out. I mean, this was seriously hard. I did realize that I truly need to work on my ... Read more
Theodore Roosevelt Quote that Many of Us Can Agree With!!!
Thursday, February 17, 2011      3 comments

If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month. Theodore Roosevelt ... Read more
Great Day!
Monday, February 14, 2011      6 comments

So far I have had a great day today! It helped that when I let the dog out this morning it was nice and warm...AND sunny! Went to take my first art history exam and got an 'A'! Woo-Hoo! Then came back to get my dog and took him to his favori... Read more
HRM and New Teams
Thursday, February 10, 2011      3 comments

My heart rate monitor frustrates me! I am not sure why I cant get the hang of it, but it just does not seem to do what I try to get it to do. For instance, today I apparently worked out for 1 second, and then for 38 minutes. But- I only did for ... Read more
Am I Lost or Lazy?
Monday, February 07, 2011      6 comments

Well, I had the best intentions of working out today but it did not happen. The good news is that I did get quite a bit of homework and studying done, but I cant help but wonder why I am not finding the energy to work out. I have wondered if a g... Read more
NoVA Sparkers T-shirt Design for Race for the Cure
Monday, February 07, 2011      11 comments

Last year our team had talked about making t-shirts for the Race so I decided to try to come up with someth... Read more

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