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  • Oh brother what a morning!

    8/4/2021 9:24:47 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - got up all positive and ready to get my list done. I log on and there was a Microsoft update last night which changed all the colors on my screens. Background, browser, etc. I had my laptop just how I liked it. I had to get DH - he is so in his element when debugging a problem wit... Read more

  • My life

    8/3/2021 8:56:54 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    My cardio workout today biking ... Read more

  • taking a stand and not waiting anymore

    8/3/2021 9:11:03 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning just had a discussion with DH. He wants to join the master swimming team so he can compete in swimming. I just told him. I am not waiting anymore. I have waited for you when you were traveling so much b/c of your job, waiting due to the fact I was the sole parent for so many years, ... Read more

  • yesterday I get a call from my grand daughter

    8/2/2021 8:31:46 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - Nana. can you go and feed my fish? She is in New Mexico visiting her other grandparents. I said NP sweetie. I am so glad that they live close so we can help her. She is such a special little girl. We went and fed her fish, picked up their mail, and a package. We felt good abou... Read more

  • A new month - short timer on Sparks

    8/1/2021 10:14:45 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - between DH & I have many appointments this month. They are ones that we put off due to COVID. We scheduled them earlier but this is the month most of them were scheduled. 247 found out yesterday - when Chile opens up to tourism- the country requires N95 or KN95 masks - no cloth ma... Read more

  • organizing this morning

    7/30/2021 10:53:32 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - Been sleeping so well. It has done wonders for my energy level. Reasons are many: Dh has finally adjusted to retirement, DS is being handled by DH, traveling soon, and Olympics. I have actually been to two Olympics: Montreal in 1976 and Syndey in 2000. I just love watching them... Read more

  • I keep coming back

    7/19/2021 6:39:00 PM, by PEGGYGEE

    Its been a long time since I have been active with SP. I always knew it was here for me whenenver I was ready to come back. I had been stable with weight for a few years but this past 18 months was quite the challenge (for everyone I suppose!) My goal now is to lose 10 lbs in time for a trip to ... Read more

  • sparks closing in a month

    7/16/2021 7:51:44 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - I am glad I will be soon leaving on vacation when this happens. I have been on Sparks since 2008. It is a healthy habit of mine. During the pandemic and isolation, I used it much more to get me through the devastation of COVID. I am looking forward to a break from the daily online... Read more

  • Where do we go after This Spark People closes......What do we want and need?

    7/12/2021 12:24:08 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    Have not blogged in ages. Just wanted to say thank each of you that have supported me over the years Thank You!. You help me every day with your stories, your inspirations and your encouragement. I hope we can remain in touch as Spark People changes their pkatform. I will be around. But I know it w... Read more

  • what I am going to miss about Sparks

    7/12/2021 9:21:52 AM, by TRAVELGAL417

    good morning - today in the community feed section, there are some excellent comments and remarks. I will miss them greatly. I love when people are so insightful and not just concerned about losing weight, but awake to this beautiful person inside yourself. Not to hide the inner person but to expr... Read more

  • "I will find a way to keep sparking with my friends"

    7/9/2021 1:01:34 AM, by NEWNANCY2012

    593 40 days to go until the final day of Spark People. I feel so fortunate to have discovered SP in January 2007 when I just wanted to see 199 before I turned 60 in March. I wanted to be able to fit in the airplane seat comfortably when I went to visit my son in San Francisco for my 60th birth... Read more