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Did you have one of these? LITTLEREDHEN8 30 NEWSTART127
6/12/21 2:40 P
Posted a photo SWEETNEEY 29 GEORGE815
5/29/21 1:01 P
"Oh, listen a lot and talk less. You can't learn anything when you're talking." Bing Crosby 1DAY-ATA-TIME 9 SURFIE
5/20/21 6:42 P
My sweet Dessy is staying close by my side, even when I’m awake! She curls up... she must have misse MIMAWELIZABETH 16 _RAMONA
5/20/21 9:44 P
Still in hospital. Doubled doses of IV antibiotics and pain meds. Looks innocuous, but it’s not. I f MIMAWELIZABETH 35 FLASUN
5/17/21 3:23 A
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 11 FISHGUT3
5/15/21 12:46 P
Joke time: Why did the bubble gum cross the road? It was stuck to the chicken's foot😆 TWIGBISKIT5 16 PATRICIA-CR
5/12/21 4:12 P
A hope you have a very Happy Day JUSTJ2014 23 BOB5148
5/10/21 7:44 A
My mini-Toyota! He is doing really well: used the litter box as soon as he saw it, sleeps in a pill MIMAWELIZABETH 18 FELICIA1963
5/6/21 6:01 P
Don't text while driving today. NEPTUNE1939 7 FISHGUT3
5/5/21 4:55 P
I'm back.... this time I really want to stick with this. It is so difficult at times and it becomes WALKERCLEO 7 SPINECCO
4/24/21 12:33 P
So true. EVIE4NOW 19 GEORGE815
4/9/21 2:32 P
Good morning!!! Have a wonderful day everyone!! DISCIPLINE1979 34 CHERRYZMB60
4/7/21 9:27 P
3/23/21 11:11 A
2/25/21 5:13 A
Posted a photo FOTOLEXIC 28 JAMER123
2/19/21 10:23 P
Visiting the oldest city in our nation, Saint Augustine, Florida. -RESAMARIE 25 CD5496930
2/18/21 11:02 A
Good morning from Minden, NV. NEPTUNE1939 8 FISHGUT3
2/17/21 4:50 P
Posted a photo PIXIEDUST04 20 CHERRYZMB60
2/16/21 9:41 P
Mardi Gras SPEDED2 27 LIS193
2/17/21 3:18 A
Wishing everyone a day full of loving, healing blessings & positive energy! Happy Tuesday. GRANDMOTHER20 27 COUNTBYFIVE
2/16/21 9:21 A
I wish you love today and always. Happy Valentine's Day RUTHIEBEAR 27 NANHBH
2/15/21 8:11 P
Grandpa love. Our two month old grand daughter brings love and healing into our lives at this chall RUTHIEBEAR 155 LOSER05
6/1/21 11:19 A
Joke time: What do sea monsters eat for lunch? Fish and ships 🥴😁 TWIGBISKIT5 15 SPEDED2
2/5/21 7:54 A
Joke time: What do cats eat for breakfast? Mice Crispiest😂 TWIGBISKIT5 13 CD23454842
1/30/21 9:29 P
I gave myself a pedicure today. I feel like I did 100 crunches. Only the older women will understand WNCGIRL 27 KATHYJO56
1/26/21 6:22 P
Good morning from the South of England, UK. Have a beautiful day. LITTLEKELT 45 KAYDE53
1/24/21 12:49 P
Good morning from Minden, NV. NEPTUNE1939 8 FISHGUT3
1/22/21 3:01 P
Message Removed CD5241267 33 BRENDAS55
1/22/21 10:47 A
Good Morning Everyone Have Blessed Day AGONZALES2 19 GEORGE815
1/19/21 2:20 P
Good morning, friends Happy Sunday! Coffee is flow SOUTHERNJAVA 51 ALLYLIZZY
1/17/21 3:08 P
Message Removed CD5241267 23 HMMRHEAD5000
1/15/21 11:15 P
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 9 FISHGUT3
1/10/21 1:30 P
Good morning from Minden, NV. NEPTUNE1939 9 FISHGUT3
1/10/21 1:31 P
Joke time: What did the cheese say to the other cheese? I smell something swisspicious 😆 TWIGBISKIT5 20 CGARR442
1/9/21 9:18 P
1/9/21 1:25 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 28 EVIE4NOW
1/9/21 12:22 P
Have a great day! NEPTUNE1939 6 SPEDED2
1/3/21 11:51 A
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 6 SPEDED2
1/3/21 11:51 A
Give yourself the same love and support you would give to a love one! CHERIE38 19 JERSEYBRAT
1/3/21 8:25 A
I am officially losing the Battle of the Bulge... CLEARLIGHTCLARE 31 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
1/4/21 11:03 A
Joke time: Everyone has the right to be stupid. It's just that some people abuse the privilege 🥴😁 TWIGBISKIT5 20 CGARR442
1/4/21 11:24 P
Morning and blessed New Year to all. My first day. Haven't had any breakfast yet, looking at my prot SARAI22591 17 QSIESUE1960
1/2/21 7:41 A
Shoveled off the deck and the stairs. Haven’t dug out the car yet. Good thing we don’t have to go an LESLIELENORE 40 ROCKYCPA
12/27/20 8:26 P
Joke time: Teacher: Where is the English Channel? Student: I don't know. My tv doesn't pick it up. � TWIGBISKIT5 21 CGARR442
12/27/20 10:17 P
Good morning from Minden, NV. NEPTUNE1939 8 FISHGUT3
12/26/20 12:58 P
Posted a photo MIMAWELIZABETH 32 DEE107
12/25/20 10:04 P
Good morning, Happy Monday. I am newish to spark. I am working on rededicating to myself as of today NONAREAVIS 34 MDOWER1
12/21/20 3:17 P
Good Morning Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday... BRENDAS55 28 1DAY-ATA-TIME
12/4/20 7:55 A
Not the best of nights. Not feeling it today & already hit the comfort chocolate last night. Anniver SEABUNNY1 14 NENEBFIT
12/3/20 7:31 A
Good morning Sparkers! RAWLESROSE 13 JOYCEHARRIS3
12/3/20 6:47 A
Good morning on this awesome Thursday! May God bless you in His mighty ways. Smile, enjoy and be b BANEWLAND 24 STILLSPARKLEIGH
12/3/20 8:41 A
Message Removed CD5241267 15 AZMOMXTWO
12/1/20 5:23 A
Good morning from Minden, NV. NEPTUNE1939 9 FISHGUT3
11/30/20 1:15 P
Happy New Monday, New Week, New Goals. You can do it! GRANDMOTHER20 26 _RAMONA
11/30/20 1:19 P
Joke time: How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on it😂😆. Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiv TWIGBISKIT5 16 CD23454842
11/26/20 8:43 P
Message Removed CD5241267 21 REGILIEH
11/25/20 6:18 P
Hey every one I have missed you guys ❤️❤️❤️ KEENA47 23 LADYJLUVLIFE
11/17/20 6:53 P
Message Removed CD5241267 24 AZMOMXTWO
11/7/20 12:02 P
Fido, 6 May 2009 - 6 Nov 2020 Rest in Peace, so missed. FISHGUT3 32 ALLYLIZZY
11/7/20 9:47 P
Happy Wonderful Wednesday! Make it a great day and be blessed. Make someone smile today, and be bl BANEWLAND 40 ANNIEMAROO
11/4/20 12:10 P
If only it was true...... #eattherainbow BONNIE1552 26 1CRAZYDOG
11/2/20 3:29 P
Today people, TODAY marks my 14th year of sobriety. Most can't imagine how incredible it is to be ab J2002HEIDS 215 RACHAEL2020
11/12/20 2:41 P
My dining table is always ready, away from T.V. computer and phone GRNEYEDSPANIARD 35 TRIMNUP
11/2/20 2:36 P
Joke time: Sometimes I panic and think there's a crazy person in my house...Then I realize it's just TWIGBISKIT5 16 PATRICIA-CR
11/2/20 1:20 P
I must get my crap together starting today. I really slacked off the past few weeks ! SXB990 9 JOYCEHARRIS3
11/2/20 7:02 A
I am back to spark people once again. Unfortunately a medine i have to take causes weight gain. So i TSKAGGS96 12 SMORSEBVR
11/2/20 7:30 A
Posted a goal CINDY247 19 LILIANN400
10/28/20 12:32 P
Have a great day! NEPTUNE1939 5 FISHGUT3
10/27/20 1:02 P
10/10/20 10:31 A
Friend of mine sent me this...🤣🤣🤣 MIAMI_LILLY 50 CD3802882
10/11/20 11:23 A
Sign of the Times #25 SPEDED2 144 CD4114015
10/10/20 11:38 A
Just a pretty picture I'm sharing - this is England's Sheffield Park Gardens PATTYSPENCER 37 GMACAMI
10/8/20 4:41 P
I asked a friend who has crossed 70 & is heading towards 80 what sort of changes he is feeling in hi LKASOFF 20 NEWRUNNERCLARE
10/12/20 6:32 A
Hiked around this lake on Sunday! 😍 SOCO812 105 _RAMONA
10/2/20 1:06 A