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I was devastated to hear Spark closing. I wish we had been given chance to pay to stay on. But sinc TUBLADY 4 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/16/21 6:25 P
I am beyond devastated by the decision to remove 13 years of support, friends and community. I have NANCYPAT1 15 PAULA3420
6/8/21 5:08 P
I am going to miss my friends. Email. tublady11@gm This is me Ill stay in touch with anyone TUBLADY 4 COOKWITHME65
6/13/21 9:04 P
Wonder if the Spark team is reading all the disappointed emails? Shutting down the site is bad enou MARTHA324 6 SPARKLINGME176
6/7/21 3:30 P
Does anyone know if My Fitness Pal has teams like we have here. It looks like it has all the tracker RONDAJO56 12 JUDYD207
6/8/21 10:39 P
we made it to Hump Day smile and get your water in ! SPARKFRAN514 9 GARDENSFORLIFE
5/12/21 11:48 P
Yesterday, we had to go to my long time friend, Lynda's husbands Funeral. Saw many people I haven't PYNETREE 9 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
5/12/21 11:13 A
As my daughter Holly enters surgery yet another t COOKWITHME65 50 1CRAZYDOG
5/3/21 8:06 P
Hello, my dear Sparkfriends. Its May 2, and my d COOKWITHME65 22 GARDENCHRIS
5/3/21 1:37 P
Absolutely Disastrous Weekend of Eating! I aim for 1200 to 1500 total Calories in a day. Both Sat PYNETREE 13 DKALTMAN04
4/20/21 12:21 P
Happy Easter . Happy Passover 2021 From Miami Beach. Fl. May everyone find peace and love through TUBLADY 6 DEBBRALE
4/4/21 1:26 P
It's 27 degrees and I'm home recovering. #goalfeats JSTETSER 10 LIS193
4/3/21 3:49 A
Got my first Covid Vaccine shot today! And 2nd one on the calendar! 💉 PYNETREE 12 EEJAA70
3/26/21 11:35 P
It's 25 degrees here, and I'm going for an afternoon walk! #goalfeats JSTETSER 17 JAMER123
3/10/21 10:26 P
Going out for my morning walk. #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 40 BONNIE1552
3/5/21 6:16 A
It's going to be an awesome day! It's 35 degrees outside. Today I go for my long walk. #goalfea JSTETSER 17 JAMER123
3/1/21 10:45 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 24 TUBLADY
2/20/21 6:51 P
Good morning Sparkpeople. Here in NE Texas it is 19 degrees and feels like 14. Sun is out. My powe LIVINGLOVINLIFE 79 KITT52
2/20/21 11:47 A
Message Removed CD5241267 40 AZMOMXTWO
2/16/21 7:23 P
I absolutely love my Mary Poppins coat and I was glad that I was able to wear it for Valentines Day! NVRGIVINGUP 22 OPTICALXILLUSIO
2/26/21 2:31 A
I don’t understand why I can never get my whole picture in my post however you can still see the yum NVRGIVINGUP 14 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/9/21 7:20 A
I gave myself a pedicure today. I feel like I did 100 crunches. Only the older women will understand WNCGIRL 27 KATHYJO56
1/26/21 6:22 P
I finally got Covid. I am quarantined for the next few days. WNCGIRL 18 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/13/21 11:16 P
My sister just called me. She NEVER does. My heart COOKWITHME65 14 COOKWITHME65
1/26/21 12:14 P
Wish everyone a Happy New Year. . I'm getting ready to paint a banner for door. This is the one I p TUBLADY 10 SPEDED2
12/30/20 10:44 P
Family time playing games! Love my son, Dustin and grandson, Xander! NVRGIVINGUP 9 TUBLADY
12/29/20 3:20 P
Christmas 2020 with grandpuppy Biscuit DANCINCAJUN1 28 LIVINTODAY
1/7/21 5:24 P
This is my daughter Holly today after her Cancer t COOKWITHME65 28 TUBLADY
12/24/20 2:08 P
I was offered mince pies on two different occasions today - and said 'no, thank you' both times. Abo SWEETENUFGILL 32 SWEETENUFGILL
12/22/20 11:27 A
About 30 days ago I reported Holly had been accept COOKWITHME65 30 1CRAZYDOG
12/17/20 5:00 P
12/17/20 11:03 A
I am thankful to see another birthday! LPORTER2015 31 TUBLADY
12/12/20 10:18 A
Yes, I'm the birthday girl today. Thanks to everyone who has sent me Spark Goodies and special comme LPORTER2015 45 WIZARDHOWL
12/13/20 2:02 P
Anyone have issues with low iron? Went to donate blood today but my hemoglobin count was only 12.2 s CAROLINAGIRL69 9 URBANREDNEK
12/12/20 12:13 P
Today's goal is to write about my mother who passed away of COVID 19 yesterday. #goalfeats JSTETSER 316 MADEINBRITAIN
12/13/20 4:24 A
It's 25 degrees, and I'm heading out for my walk! I can do this! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 36 LIS193
12/8/20 4:31 A
Message Removed CD5241267 19 TUBLADY
12/3/20 7:45 A
Happy Thanksgiving 2020. Make the best of a most unusual time in our lives. My family is scattered. TUBLADY 12 GEORGE815
11/25/20 4:19 P
Last week my dear close friend informed me a co worker of his had tested positive. That led to Ed TUBLADY 17 ILOVEROSES
11/25/20 7:37 A
Happy Thanksgiving, Made a banner to hang on door . Its a Zoom get together for my family this year. TUBLADY 17 SPEDED2
11/23/20 11:17 P
Just a little me reminder that I am far from where I came from! #BeforeAndAfter NVRGIVINGUP 19 ISNESS
11/22/20 7:38 P
I just had a cup of blue tea! It's got Blue Pea Flowers in it - apparently they must colour the tea SWEETENUFGILL 11 WIZARDHOWL
11/15/20 11:52 P
Have been logging in on Spark for over 10 years. Missed a couple times in hospital before I could ge TUBLADY 11 COOKWITHME65
11/14/20 11:09 A
Mitzi doesn't know about time change. Neither does the cats I feed. So I'm doing as usual . Doesn't TUBLADY 11 URBANREDNEK
11/2/20 12:58 P
Dogs and cats don't know about day light saving .M TUBLADY 3 SPEDED2
11/2/20 8:19 A
I am truly devastated! My aunt (last of my parent's generation), died this afternoon. My sister is a NANCYPAT1 12 CD4114015
10/31/20 2:11 P
happy healthy Saturday everyone -- keep safe.. I was able to post a picture blog finally if you al ATRAILHIKERJO54 25 TUBLADY
10/18/20 8:18 A
Saturday morning. Feel good. Seems like I am improving more every day. No arthritis OTC meds in days LIVINGLOVINLIFE 22 TUBLADY
10/18/20 8:17 A
There are some idiots around. There are some selfish, insensitive people around. But you never know SWEETENUFGILL 27 CD4114015
10/16/20 12:28 P
@isness this message is specifically for you! Thank you for your comments on my SparkPage! I have ma NVRGIVINGUP 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/13/20 12:03 P
Nurse came today. Said lungs were a little wet. Not too concerned about O2 saturation levels being l LIVINGLOVINLIFE 18 MORTICIAADDAMS
10/13/20 11:32 A
Message Removed CD26217930 29 LIS193
10/3/20 3:56 A
For the second day in a row, we are headed to a Funeral of a long time, Friend & Neighbor. It feels PYNETREE 10 1CRAZYDOG
9/29/20 8:02 P
I am looking for Gold Star Mothers!! Tomorrow is Gold Star Mother's Day. It is a very special day. I LIVINGLOVINLIFE 5 CD4114015
9/28/20 12:49 P
Hi Sparkers. I'm doing quite well in weight. i noticed the other day had gained 4 lbs. I was eating TUBLADY 16 HOPEINGOD
10/30/20 7:30 P
Looks like I am going to end September at the same weight I was at the end of July. 🤨 Knew that big PYNETREE 5 SPEDED2
9/21/20 9:38 P
Sign of the Times #2 SPEDED2 29 CD4114015
9/17/20 9:50 A
I lived my childhood thru teens in Salem , Or. There were many trip over the mountain range leading TUBLADY 8 75HEALTHYME
9/14/20 1:30 P
Plateau finally broke! I can honestly feel a difference in my body. Thankful for the green glowing l NVRGIVINGUP 41 CATWMNCAT
9/13/20 11:49 A
I want to go back to the beach WNCGIRL 14 WIZARDHOWL
9/12/20 8:53 P
Sweet addison "addy" is two months old today today. Still have not gotten to hold her due to covid COOKWITHME65 30 COOKWITHME65
9/17/20 12:41 A
Message Removed CD26217930 28 7STIGGYMT
9/7/20 10:33 P
Happy Friday my dear friends. Chloe is feeling better. Sitting up now, wagging her tail and still p COOKWITHME65 14 GARDENCHRIS
9/5/20 11:25 A
I am 57 today WNCGIRL 26 JAMER123
9/3/20 11:21 P
Message Removed CD26217930 41 LIS193
9/2/20 3:48 A
Has anyone else been a member since 4/9/2016 and is still a member of the team page? SWEET_HONEY_BEE 8 TUBLADY
8/29/20 11:25 A
Hello , Here I am on Wednesday evening after my shoulder replacement on Tuesday. Everything went TUBLADY 47 HOPEINGOD
10/16/20 6:00 P
My son went to the doctor today. Weight was 400 and some change. He is 35,Hypertension, So sorry for WNCGIRL 16 JAMER123
8/21/20 10:07 P
I'm heading to the beach! #goalfeats JSTETSER 10 CD4114015
8/22/20 10:31 A
I cycled 32 km today - and walked when I had to - it's very hilly around here. But, of course, there SWEETENUFGILL 23 WIZARDHOWL
8/20/20 10:11 P
Happy Friday my dear spark friends! Things have been a bit hectic and stressful as you can imagine COOKWITHME65 22 BLESSOME
8/15/20 2:33 P
Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Sunday evening my brother called me He had fallen (he i LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 PATRICIA-CR
8/12/20 5:15 P
Some days the workouts are a necessity. You’re not feeling it but those are the most important ones! RASMUSSEN5 8 TUBLADY
8/12/20 7:38 A
Posted a photo Stunning sunset and storms today. T DRINKALOTH2O 13 TUBLADY
8/12/20 7:35 A
Little miss Addison Clare is one month old today. Can you believe my daughter did not take a picture COOKWITHME65 14 COOKWITHME65
8/6/20 3:41 P