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1/5/10 11:27 P

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Hi Ann, I truly hope you will like it here enough to stay and hang out with the others have said, we have all been there at some point...I, for one, even at my goal weight, still feel unworthy, ugly, "less than" etc, so you truly have to start loving you now and not think that losing weight will make you like youself ARE beautiful, you are worthy, God loves all of us, no matter where we are...and we, as a team, are one of the most loving, supportive groups around, so please, please, come visit us in the comfort cafe (on the main part of our forum), we would love to see you there...we thrive on helping each other, its what we do best cos that is also what motivates and encourages our own selves...hugs and a big welcome to you...

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12/28/09 1:08 A

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Hey Ann.........welcome to the team!

We are all here for you, and are more than willing to support you through all of the challenges and difficulties. Our journey toward healthy living can be a bit of a roller coaster, but Spark really provides so many tools to help.

Stop by my page and say to talk to you and we can support one another!

Believe in yourself,you were meant for greatness!

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12/27/09 10:27 P

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Welcome to the team!

You are worth it. Just like they said, most of us have been in the same boat--the same feelings, the same worries. It's not easy, but you can change, and you need to BELIEVE that it can change--not just the weight, but the feelings. We're all here to support each other and lend an ear when you just feel like venting.

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12/27/09 10:05 P

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Welcome .........and believe me.......there are sooo many of us that feel the same way!Its not easy to lose the weight and keep it off but it IS possible! Its also hard to remember to take time for yourself when you have a child with autism but you have to do it! Take time for yourself every chance you get and remember that you DO deserve ALL that this life has to offer you! Feel free to stop by my page as well! I absolutely know where you are coming from! hugs Tina

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12/27/09 7:27 P

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Hi Ann and welcome to the team!

Trust me, this is the perfect team for you. We have all been there in one way or another...the self esteem, the lack of trust, the self disgust, the self hatred.

We are honored to help and encourage you every step of the way. You are right diets only work when we're on them.
I don't do diets personally. I have chosen to eat healthy for the rest of my I don't have to "go on a diet." Through the almost 3 years I have been on spark I have learned to "indulge" sensibly and and surprisingly my "indulgences" have become only healthy food! Who would have ever thought that would happen!!

You ARE a beautiful person and we believe in you! Count on us, we are always here!

Come to the Comfort Cafe on our team for daily chats and friendship.

If you have any questions, please ask!

My best to you, Cathy

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12/27/09 5:31 P

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My name is Ann and I live in South Florida. I'm a NJ transplant. I'm 38 and very overweight. I have a ten y/o boy with High Functioning Autism. I can't stand myself anymore. I have low self-esteem and turn to food (sweets in particular) to comfort me. I eat a large quanitity of sweets. I don't overeat other foods and am usually full quickly when I do eat. I always dream about losing the weight, being happier, being more healthy but instead I keep getting fatter!!! I don't "live" because i'm embarrassed to go to the beach, water park, community pool. I am in a relationship now and i'm always worried that my BF will leave me or cheat on me. I don't express my fears to him but they're always there. He tells me that i'm beautiful and that he fell in love with me the way I am. I have to get a grip of my issues. I need to feel that i'm worth it. That I deserve happiness. That I am beautiful and valuable. I need to shed this weight and be healthy and active. I need to make a good example for my son. I've tried weight watchers, atkins, etc. They all work but I can never stay on a program more than a couple months without going back to my poor eating habits. I need lots of support and encouragement as well as inspiration.

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