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6/19/12 8:00 P

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Everyone is right, there is no wrong way to do this (unless you don't do anything at all). Hang in there and you'll make it to the end. Don't overdue it though, you can't do much injured.

I did week 3 wrong too. The first day was because I read it wrong, I tried W4D1 (not very well, lol). The rest because I knew I would never be ready for week 4. I started walking 3 and running 3 for the 1st and 2nd rep, then 3-2 for the 3-5th reps, and finished with a 3-3 rep at the end. That way I was at the 15 minutes running, but had that extra minute to catch my breath! I mean really all it did was add a few minutes of walking and how can that be wrong.

BTW, I continue to modify week4. I'm adding 2 extra walking minutes at reps 4-5. I just need that extra time to catch my breath!

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6/17/12 7:56 P

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It's ok if you mess up once in awhile, just keep trying. You have a ton of time to train.

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5/5/12 9:58 P

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There really is no wrong way to do this program as it's more a less a guideline to get you out there and run. You just do your best and just keep doing it.

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5/3/12 6:10 P

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Well said:) I have also modified. For me, this journey is also about me not obsessing and listening to my body. Mainly not beating myself up when I deviate from the plan and stay in the game. Usually when I would slip up, I would give up and I need to keep working on that:) Love this program and am thankful for it. I use it as a guide through this. Overall I think I am on track, but some days I do a little more or less. Also, confess to adding a day in there too. I feel good and it seems to be working. Thanks Rookie Running for lighting the fire!!!


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5/3/12 9:38 A

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5/3/12 7:47 A

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You are not alone. lol. I started out with 30 minutes and would somehow forget how to count those minutes every once in awhile.

You're doing great!!!


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5/2/12 8:58 P

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Don't beat yourself up. At least you've been active. Do what you can but don't push yourself to the point of injuring yourself.

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5/2/12 7:42 P

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I could I do a program so simple wrong! I mean, I could say that english is my second language but that would be just a lame excuse... Since week one, I've been missing one rep of every work out!

Because it says in the description: Walk for 3 minutes then run for 2 minutes. Do it 5 MORE times... Well if I'm not completely dumb, it means 6 reps, not 5 like I did monday and today...

I must say, I'm not sure I can do 6 reps... But hey, I didn't know I could run for 2 minutes straight so... I'll do it right friday, and I'll see monday if I'm ready for week 4, or if I need more time. My race is in september, so I got plenty of time ahead.

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